Cooking for a Crowd ~ A Month- Long Series

In October, I did a blog series about my adventures in Cooking for a Crowd ~ at our camp kitchen.  Here are the links to each day’s post:

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Day 1: Cooking in the Camp Kitchen~ Day 1, The “Players

Day 2:  Glossary of Terms: The Spaces

Day 3: Glossary of Terms:  Important Tools

Day 4:  Good Morning, Sunshine!

Day 5:  The Camp Kitchen Gets a Mini-Makeover

Day 6:  Hello, Sous Chef

Day 7:  Daily Cleaning Checklist

Day 8:  Happy Birthday, Dear Joel

Day 9: Sweet & Sour Chicken for 55

Day 10:  Important Measurements, French Terms, & Blooper of the Week

Day 11:  How to Make Breakfast for 55

Day 12:  Baking for the Freezer

Day 13:  Simple Things

Day 14:  Grateful

Day 15:  The {Most Amazing!} Beef Stroganoff

Day 16:  Mini Cheesecake Bites

Day 17:  Homemade Taco Seasoning and Blooper of the Week

Day 18:  My Test of Grace

Day 19:  Polynesian Chicken Dinner

Day 20:  More Math in the Kitchen ~ Pretty, Printable Conversion Charts

Day 21:  Lasagne and Fruit Crisp for 65

Day 22:  Shinin the Stove

Day 23:  Finding my Way Back Home Again

Day 24:  A Day in the Life Of…

Day 25:  Gettin Out of that Kitchen!

Day 26:  Pumpkin Pie Bars

Day 27:  How NOT to Make Cornbread

Day 28:  Making Soup When You’re 5 Foot 2

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