The Most Profound Words of All

It’s not often we get to learn from someone who lives to be over 100 years old! Here’s the story of the one person I knew who did just that, and his profound words that will stick with me.

I’ve already written about Margaret before.  She was the founder’s wife of the camp we live and work at.  She was a spunky little thing who loved to quote Scripture and give goose bump inducing wise advice.  She went to be with Jesus just this past January ~ at the age of 96.

Today, I want to talk about Alf ~ Margaret’s husband.

When people refer to Margaret, they often refer to her as a “woman of faith”.  I agree.  I would consider her husband to be a man of faith as well.  But, I have a another descriptive term for Alf.

I think of him as a man of courage.

In 1944, he loaded his new bride onto a boat named the Goforth.


Between the two of them, they didn’t have many earthly possessions,  but they had great vision and  faith.  Their desire was to travel up and down the coast of British Columbia and stop in  remote areas to bless people, encourage them, and share the story of Jesus.

I’m thinking that that must have taken a mighty dose of courage.

…the stepping out in faith.

…the journeying into the unknown.

…the steadiness & consistency during all kinds storms of life (literal and figurative!).

Alf is now 97 years young, and I feel extremely blessed to have watched him live life over the past 21 years.

This year has been difficult for him.  Losing his life’s partner that he’s shared each day with for over 60 years has been a sad adjustment.

But, we’ve watched him turn his eyes on Jesus for comfort and strength, and how he honestly shares his struggle with missing Margaret, but desires to focus on true joy as well.

Alf just recently took a mighty big step of courage again.


{our current staff and families, with Alf}

After living in the same house on the Camp Homewood site for over 47 years, he chose to move to a retirement complex in a nearby town.

Packing up all those years of memories was a difficult task for him, and we are all adjusting to the change as well.

The night before he left, we had a special dinner for him.  Near the end of the evening, he stood to his feet and leaned in to talk to us.  He shared a bit about his past year, the upcoming move, and  wanted to leave us with a few words.

He told of how he had read of a highly intelligent theologian who was asked ~ after devoting his entire life to studying ~ what the most profound words he could ever say was.  His response was the words that Alf left with us as well:

alf's wise words in pic

“Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”

We’re so glad that Alf isn’t far away and we can still drop in for a visit or chat on the phone.

I told him that night that although I love hearing the stories of the historical years, I’ve loved even more being able to watch with my own eyes how he and Margaret lived out their faith in plain ol’ every day life.

Blessings to you, Alf.  We love you so much!

**Update: Alf passed away on July 29, 2018 ~ just a few days shy of his 101st birthday. It is with bittersweet feelings that we say goodbye. We’re so happy he is now in glory ~ where he so longed to be…and with his lovely Margaret who he missed so much. But, he will be missed. Thank you, Alf, for a life well lived.


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  1. This is so precious. I still think of the Bayne’s often and treasure the times I was invited down for tea. I received a few books off their extensive bookshelf and so treasure the truth they contain. I will never forget Marg’s challenge to commit Scripture to memory while I was young. What a legacy they leave. Thank you for this wonderful post, Rita! Love you!

  2. Thank you so much for writing a post about Alf & Margaret. They attended the same Church as us in Campbell River and I always admired both of them. Thank you also for sharing that beautiful photo of them both when they were young. Precious!

  3. My ministry “years” began in the summers of 1980-81 @ Camp Homewood. Those two summers were foundational in who I am today. Alf & Margaret’s legacy reaches beyond our wildest imagination! They are truly people of faith & courage!

  4. Thank you for the update on Alf, he has been in my thoughts many times over the last year. I hope I get the chance to visit with him again soon.

  5. Margaret and Alf have been an inspiration to all who have had the pleasure of meeting them. I feel blessed to have spent time with them, and remember fondly tea time with Margaret. What a legacy they leave behind in Camp Homewood. They have both earned a special place in heaven and in many, many hearts.

  6. Congratulations to everyone for recognizing that the words of Alf Bayne are probably the most profound ones we will ever hear in our lives. We all know that none of us would have experienced the joy of Camp Homewood if it had not been for Alf.
    Rita, you have captured his story in such a wonderful way! Now, we have to remember his simple words “Jesus Loves Me This I Know……” and live like Alf and Marg with no worries because our Saviour will ALWAYS help us find our way.

  7. Thank you for re-sharing this post! It is such a lovely story of a truly remarkable, faithful man.

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