Lessons I Learned in Church Today

We have a favorite pew in church. It’s the third one back on the left side. One of the reasons why it is a “favorite” pew is the delightful little family who sits in front of us. They started out as a newlywed couple, who became a couple expecting a baby, and then a couple with a baby…you get the picture. Their baby captured our hearts from the start and has given us such joy over the years as we’ve watched her grow.

As she turned into a toddler, she obviously loved music. She would clap and dance and her little eyes would twinkle. When she would raise her arms to copy the worship leader, I got teary-eyed. And each Sunday she would look back at us and shyly sneak in some smiles. I just love the Little Darlin’.

Little Darlin’ is now about 3 years old (I’m guessing the age) and has leukemia. Her beautiful blond hair has fallen out and an assortment of funky, bright-colored caps are now part of her incredibly girly-hip attire. She’s not in church very often these days, as she goes through her treatment regimen.

Today, however, she was in church. It blessed my heart to see her and her parents. And we snuck in smiles all throughout the service.

As I glanced at her from time to time, I prayed for her and her family. I can only imagine how these days must be difficult for them…

The lesson in all this came when we had a time of prayer during the service. People are invited to pray quietly at their seats, or to come up to the front and pray alone or with a prayer partner.

As the worship team quietly sang, a woman came up to Little Darlin’s seat. She put her arm around her momma, tucked her face in close, and prayed with her. That touched my heart. Deeply. That, my friends, is what “church” should look like. Lovin’ people up. Caring for them. And not being afraid to do so.

The other lesson I learned wasn’t quite as profound – but a lesson none-the-less. As I glanced down before the final prayer, I was horrified to discover I was wearing my purple vest inside-out!! All through the service I was standing and sitting with white tags dangling and seams side-out. Mercy sakes!
So, as the rest of the congregation bowed their heads in humble prayer, I whipped that thing off and put it on right.
Immediately after the service, two women came rushing up to tell me my faux paux…but wondered how all the sudden the tags disappeared!!
Oh, I’m glad I have friends who have my back when it comes to fashion. And next time, I need to glance in the mirror before I rush for the ferry!:)

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  1. LOL Rita at the tag incident and thank you for sharing your 'little darlin' view of church. I will pray for her and her family during *their* treatment that it is in the Lords plan to be in church many many many more Sundays so you can share smiles. And yes that is how church should look 🙂

  2. Beautifully written Rita and I can feel your feelings through your words. Helps us all to keep little darling and family in our prayers.

    You crack me up about the vest!!! So glad you can be horrified and yet laugh about it and then write about it for all of us to chuckle along. I think that kind of thing has happended to us all. It doesn`t help that you have unobservant men all around you either. A lot of help they were. :]

  3. Elaine, Thanks for giving me the heads up on that website. I didn't know what you were all going through…You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Blessings to you~

  4. Oh Rita … thanks for sharing your tender heart for all of us to see; actually the ones of us who really know you already know that you have a tender heart but its times like these that we see the Father through you. Thank you for reminding all of us to pray for that little lamb!

    Not only do you have a tender heart, but you have a wonderful sense of humour girl!!! I can just see your face when you made the discovery and hear your laughter after you got over the shock of it all! Who knew you could be such a quick change artist?

    Luv ya, Cheryl 🙂

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