The Jolly Old England Graduation Celebration

Yesterday I showed a few pictures of the start of our son’s  class’s graduation banquet decorations.  If you missed it, you might want to check out how to hang string lights in a gymnasium here..

I asked if you could guess what the theme was.  One of you guessed right away!

Old England, it is!


The Grad Class voted on that theme way back in September, and even drew up a floor plan of their ideas.  It was amazing to see how all the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together.  Obviously, the whole room isn’t quite finished yet, but lots of it is.

whole gym in process

Throughout the year, the kids have been working on some of the larger structures, like the London Bridge and Big Ben.  More structures will be added in.

The Grads will have their own head table.

Big Ben 2

I just love the tissue paper flowers my friend Lori made.

tissue paper flowers

Aren’t they awesome?

The kids also worked hard painting a giant mural to hang behind their table.

head table

It’s so bright and happy.  (Hmmm…I wonder what they’re going to do with it?  Some of those scenes would look awesome framed and hung in a living room!)

table names

The guests’ tables are all named, so when they arrive they will know which table to look for.


It’s so fun to see it come together.  I wanted to try to get a picture of all the people who have been working so hard, but they come and go in different shifts, so I just snapped a quick picture of those of us who were there before lunch yesterday.


The couple in the middle (red shirt and blue shirt) are the ones keeping us all organized with this decorating thing.  Thanks to everyone for their hard work.  I’ve had so much fun working with you!!

And, many, many thanks to all the parents and students who aren’t pictured as well.  It makes everything so much easier and quicker when you have lots of happy, helpful hands!

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