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I love music.  I have since I was a little girl.  I’m really not set on one particular style of music.  What I’m doing at the time and the mood I’m in determines what I listen to.

  • If I’m painting, it’s got to be jazz.  {Happy jazz, that is…not that depressing stuff.}
  • If I’m driving alone on a long road trip (“long” being defined as anything over 15 minutes!), it must be hilarious country music.
  • If I’m getting ready to sing for the church’s Easter cantata, it’s the alto listening tape of worship songs.  (My family now groans when they hear it playing.  Perhaps I’ve overused that one?).
  • And, at Christmas time, I love to watch/ listen to the classical music presentations on the PBS station.  I’ve taken enough voice lessons in my lifetime to appreciate the work that goes into all those performances…  But, don’t you worry, I also took enough voice lessons to realize I’m not a soloist.  {Whew!}

There is no doubt about it.  Music is  powerful.  It can move us and stir our soul like nothing else can.  I think that is one of the reasons why I love our church so much.  I love the music.  Oh, I know what a can of worms the subject of “music” is in churches.  People have strong preferences when it comes to that.  Some think it’s too loud…too fast…too many repeating words…too much drums…not enough drums…and on and on it goes.

For the record, I think our church’s music is  just right.:) {And, no, I forgot to fill out that questionnaire.  This is my input, ‘kay?}

My husband spent a good part of 5 years of his life studying church music.  Music can divide churches like no other.  And in the course of many conversations over the years, I came to a personal conclusion in my own life.

The message of music is what moves me.  I try to focus on the words and their meaning.  It has revolutionized the way I view music –  and worship.

I’ve written before that I sometimes have trouble holding it together while singing in church.  Certain songs just mean so much to me.  They bring back memories of loved ones now gone to Heaven.  They bring back memories of my heritage of faith and singing with my family in a funeral home.  They remind me of the hope I have.  And sometimes I just can’t hold back the tears.  Yep. Music is powerful.  I’ve learned not to fight it.

But now I have a little problem…

Next Sunday I’m a part of a choir that is singing an Easter cantata.  It has been so much fun to go every Wednesday night and sing our hearts out.  But there is one part I’m worried about.  It’s an introduction to the song “I Will Rise”.  (If you’ve never heard it, click here and do so.  It’s beautiful!)  The leader explains that it was written during a “season of many deaths in the family of the songwriter…  Many of you have had fathers, mothers, sisters,  and aunts  who have now gone on to Heaven”…  and that’s all it takes.  I just want to bawl my eyes out.  And, honestly, I have a few times.

But, next Sunday, while our song leader is saying those words…  I’m front. and center (well, to the right, really). stage.  I must hold it together.

Oh boy.

This is my current method: I stare at the black speaker monitor, and while he’s talking, I pretend I’m covering my ears and muttering “blah, blah, blah”… Then I get a little silly… But , not too silly…

Do you have any other ideas for me?

And, now to end this randomish post, I want to close with a real life illustration of the power of music.  I gives me goosebumps…

CLICK HERE TO WATCH AN AMAZING VIDEO {Sorry, I just can’t figure out how to embed it in this post…}

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One Comment

  1. Just don’t be smiling while your thinking of ears plugged and blah blah blah or they will all wonder what you are up to!

    I think if you get emotional- that is ok- that’s the Holy Spirit moving and I would rather give him full reign- It’s all for His Glory after all-

    Wish I could be singing in a cantata. I so miss being on the praise team and singing specials. We started a tiny fellowship as part of our ministry so at this point, there are not any of the extras- love what we are doing but , if I miss anything, it is the music and beautiful singing!

    bee blessed

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