Today’s Thoughts

As I begin this day, I thought I’d jot down some random thoughts/ happenings that are currently going on in my life.

  • ~First and foremost in my thoughts and prayers is my dear, sweet Aunt Penny who is undergoing brain surgery as I type this.  My world was rocked on Wednesday evening when I discovered on Facebook (thank goodness for it!) that surgery was scheduled for removal of a mass in her brain.  Her and her dear family have been on my mind since then.  I love you all…
  • ~Yesterday I went on a little shopping trip with a friend.  Neither one of us set out to find much in particular, but lo and behold, we stumbled on the sale of the year!  A local store is “liquidating” and we must have arrived soon after they got in a truckload of delightful products.  Baskets, home decor, etc. etc.… at garage sale prices!  Oh, did we ever have fun!


  • ~ Tonight a long-time dream of mine comes true.  I’ve always wanted to take a photography course…and I get to go to one this evening and tomorrow.  (I’ll tell you more later…)  I have a pre-course assignment to read my camera’s manual.  It’s boring.
  • ~My Dining Room table is covered with things like this…

picket signs 1

Yep, in the process of getting ready for the craft fairs, my house is starting to look a little discombobulated.

That’s my first project of the day… de-discombabulate!

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