Gifts and Good-byes

There are some people in this world that have a specific affect on me.  The kind of affect that after I’ve spent time with them, I walk away feeling so blessed.  So loved. So cared for.  In fact, the affect is so great, that I want to just spend more time with them!

My Aunt Penny and Uncle Les have that affect on me.  Uncle Lester is my mom’s {much!} younger brother – and dashingly handsome, I might add.  He married a delightfully sweet lady named Penny.  Together, they had 3 beautiful little babies that could have been poster children for the Gerber corporation.

One of my earliest childhood memories was of standing in their home and watching Uncle Les throw baby Kristy into the air and catching her.  It took my breath away.

More recently, we’ve had the blessing of visiting with them almost every time we got back to Montana.  They opened their home to us with arms of hospitality wide open.  We visited,  we laughed {alot!},  and my boys fell in love with their darling little dogs.

Penny and I both had a love for crafts.  She said to me one time,

“I’ve looked and looked for that one craft to pursue, and I’ve finally figured it out.  I’m a collector of craft things!”  We had a big laugh over that.

Aunt Penny was also the first person to share my tears when I found out mom had dementia.  I’ll never forget the kindness and compassion she showed me over a cup of coffee at her kitchen table.

My sister and I met Uncle Les and Aunt Penny for supper at the Olive Garden when I was in Montana this past July.  We had a wonderful time catching up and visiting over fettuccini alfredo and bread sticks.

Before we left, we quickly took some pictures on the bench outside.

with me

Uncle Les, Aunt Penny, and me (Please pretend I’m having a good hair day…)

with Becky

and with my sister Becky (She was having a good hair day!)

Such a sweet, sweet memory.

Little did I know it would be my last one with Aunt Penny.

I just got word that she passed away 30 minutes ago.  Last week a mass was discovered in her brain.  The surgery on Friday was unsuccessful.

This road of mourning is not unfamiliar for me.  But, I find it oh, so difficult.

I loved her so much.

She was definitely one of God’s most precious gifts to me.

Saying good-bye…hurts.

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  1. Oh Rita, I am so sorry to have heard about your Aunt Pennys passing.. I loved hearing you tell the story and how you were so happy to have surprised her on your last trip… I know you know she is safe in Jesus arms but the loss is still very real.. I see your Mother in Uncle Les face and I realize loss is continual with your family as you deal with your Mom.. However the joy of visits, memories of these dear ones that we have (even for short times) are gifts. Thank you for posting reminders to us all that at anytime conversations, squeezes and times together MIGHT just be out last.. Not to live in fear of, but to cherish what we have and to be grateful for. Praying for comfort for all who knew this special lady and her family. xxoox

  2. Rita, I am so thankful that you were able to see your Aunt Penny this past summer. What memories you have to cherish. May those memories be what carry you through this sad time. Thankful that because of the cross, you will see her again. Hugs to you and your family.

  3. Rita, I didn't know a body could have so many tears. It is just so unreal that this has happened. Thank you for the beautiful words that you have shared so everyone who reads it will know what a precious lady she was. I shall cherish our last visit with her forever. Wish I could hug you and we could cry together.

    Love, love, love,

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