Gettin’ Out of that Kitchen!!

31-days-of-cooking-button_thumb {Day 25}

I know this series is all about cooking for a crowd.  However, today’s topic has nothing to do about cooking ~or the kitchen!

I mentioned the other day that I made arrangements so I could take some time off each week.  As much as I am enjoying so many things about this little cooking job, I’ve also been longing for a wee bee of “normal”.  Although I’ve had  some days or part days off in the past month, many of those times have still been spent planning or prepping or thinking about kitchen things.

Today, I didn’t do a kitchen thing!

In fact, I just put on a pot of french vanilla coffee and propped my feet up by the cozy fire.  Why don’t you just plop yourself in that chair beside me, and I’ll tell you all about it…

coffee cup

I really had  no plans for this big day off.  I just went to bed last night knowing I could sleep in as long as I wanted.  (Bliss…!)  Of course, I woke up relatively early anyway, but enjoyed taking all the time I wanted to savour my morning coffee and catch up with my bloggy friends.

Oh…what shall I do with this day??

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that perhaps the house needed a little attention.  Where I lay my head to sleep looked like a tornado had hit.

bedroom before

And, the room where I go to relax each evening after a long day at work?…It didn’t seem so relaxing anymore…

living room before

(I particularly like the Tim Horton’s bag on the floor…)

Once I started cleaning, one clean space made me long for more clean spaces, so I just kept going.  I wish I could say I have the WHOLE house spic and span…but that didn’t quite happen.

However, I can now walk in my room without tripping over piles of clothes…

bedroom after

and all the Tim Horton’s bags have been removed from the Living Room!

living room corner after

Of course all that dusting and vacuuming kicked in the creativity, so I did a little redecorating, too.  I added a few pops of color in for winter.

whole living room after

A friend gave me those fun orange cushions that I’ve been loving, and I plopped some apples from our tree in a bowl.

bowl of apples

I also finally found the top of the Dining Room table again…

fall dining room

…and added a few pops of red in there, too.

dining table centerpiece

As a little girl, I used to love “playing house”.  I set up my pretend house in the slopped ceilinged closet of my bedroom and I would play for hours on end up there.  I’d rearrange my doll clothes, redesign my mom’s high heeled shoes so I could clomp around in them, and make dough in my cardboard kitchen sink with flour and water.  Oh, what fun it was!…

…Today felt just like that ~ only better!!:)

I didn’t clomp around in high heeled shoes, though.  In fact, I savoured every minute of being able to be barefoot again.  And…I didn’t even have to put my hair in a bun!!:)


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  1. So glad you got to FINALLY enjoy a day to yourself…although it sounds like you still worked pretty hard. What a satisfying feeling to have your cozy house back. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing your “before” cleaning pics. It’s nice to know not everyone on Facebook decor blogs have picture perfect living spaces ALL the time!
    I’ve been enjoying your cooking for a crowd series as it reminds me of former work days when I was part of a food services staff. Nowadays it’s a church ministry to encourage fellowship that has me cooking Toonie luncheons and monthly men’s breakfasts. In fact, tomorrow we’re having 2 kinds of soups, sandwich for a crowd and pies , for 50 people.
    Great job,Rita!

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