How to Make Breakfast for 55 (mostly teens with a few adults)


(Note that everything underlined are duties that have been prepped the day before.)

Today’s Breakfast Menu:

  • Sunshine Muffins
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Porridge
  • Cold Cereal

1.  Do the 4 “first thing in the morning” duties (record temps in cooler and freezer, turn on dish-pit, take out mug up cookies, and wipe down all countertops).

2.  Turn on the back ovens and make sure they are at 350 degrees.  They take 20 minutes to heat up.

3.  Get out the porridge pot and fill to the line (15 cups of water). Add a sprinkle of salt.  Measure 7 cups of oatmeal into a large, clear measuring cup.  If breakfast is at 8:30, turn burner on high at 7:45. Once water comes to a boil, slowly stir in the oatmeal.  Turn burner down to a low simmer and place lid on the pot.  Stir only slightly to prevent sticking on the bottom of the pan.

4.  Take out the bacon that is panned and located in the cooler rack and roll.

panned bacon

5.  Prep 2 hotel pans with metal racks in the bottom to place the bacon in when cooked.

pans for bacon

6.If breakfast is at 8:30, place the bacon in the ovens at 7:45.  Take out and drain fat into a tin can about every 20 minutes, and flip over half way through.  Bake until crispy (approximately 40 minutes).

7.  Set up the serving line in the Dining Room, arranging hot pads and utensils for each serving dish.

breakfast set up

This particular meal would look like this:

set up line

8.  Arrange Sunshine Muffins that are covered and set in the bakery hallway on silver platters.

sunshine muffins on platters

9.  Start cooking scrambled eggs (6-7 liquid egg cartons) at 8:00.  After trying various methods, we prefer to cook them on the grill.  There are a few guys that are quickly becoming experts at scrambled eggs.  I let them handle that.:)

10.  Pan bacon when cooked.  Cover with foil to keep hot, and then take to serving line when time.

11.Place fruit platters (already prepped and in the cooler) on the serving line.

making fruit platter

12.  Take out scrambled eggs when cooked.

13.  And don’t forget to take out the milk, raisins, and brown sugar for the hot cereal, and butter and jam for the muffins.

Congratulations!  You’ve just made breakfast for 55!

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