Where to find Vintage Linen and What to Do with It

Vintage Linens can be found at garage and estate sales

A few years ago, I spent a delightful afternoon garage saleing with a friend in the states.  One of the stops was an entire house.  Each room’s contents were for sale and indicated the place had held a lifetime of lovely memories.

Meandering down the carpeted hallway, I turned to the bedroom on the right…

and stopped dead in my tracks.

The lady of the house must of have been a seamstress.

Neat piles of fabric were stacked on the bed and tables.

Piles upon piles.

As I sorted through the denim and canvas, patterns and trimmings, I came upon a table in the corner.

It took my breath away.

Vintage linens.

Napkins embroidered with tiny white buds. Linen tablecloths with fancy edges. Table runners with frilly lace.

lace ps

Some were brand new and still ironed in their starchy crispness.

Others ~ you could tell~ had been used and loved for years and years. Some were yellowed with history and age.

vintage linen sachets

Vintage linens can remind us of the past and still be useful in the present!

I purchased some of that precious vintage linen that day in order to “someday” make something with it ~

Something that would remind me and others of a bygone era ~ the days where ladies carried pretty little hankies and the good china was always set on a bed of lace.

I’ve added to my little vintage collection over the years, and yesterday decided it was “someday”.

I chose to start with a big beautiful tablecloth.  I’m sure it was a stunner in its day. It was definitely well used and loved. The delicate woven fabric was torn in places and had even been darned a time or two.  But, there was still plenty of fabric for what I had in mind.

vintage linen sachets

Lavendar vanilla sachets…

With a vintage button, of course.:)

**Update: Find the DIY lavender sachet tutorial here.

vintage linen sachets

Use vintage linens for home decor or repurpose them into thoughtful gifts.

I had so much fun creating them. I always love to have a reason to craft. After all, there’s only so much I can use in my own house.

The perfect reason just presented itself a few days ago~ I’m going to participate in a local Christmas craft fair (more details to come). **Update: This event is now over.

And I’m also stocking my Etsy shop again!

There are some new signs listed in the shop, like this one: SOLD OUT


And this: SOLD OUT

gray and yellow bird ps rs

And I’ll be adding in some vintage linen goodies soon, too. SOLD OUT

vintage linen sachets at harbourbreezehome.com

Just in case you’re a sentimental vintage linen lovin’ woman like I am!:)

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  1. Who wouldn’t be cheered by reading your “You are so Loved” sign each morning,
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