Ridiculously Simple Small Closet Organization Ikea Hacks

Double the space in your tiny closet with these simple, smart, and budget friendly small closet ideas and organization Ikea hacks.

Last week we started the Modern Farmhouse Boho bedroom makeover for the One Room Challenge.

The first step was to figure out some small closet organization ideas that we could DIY. Our goal was to use supplies we already had on hand. We figured it would save money, time, and hassle.

After just a few hours of work, we were able to double the amount of clothes we could store.

Not only do these ideas for small closet organization maximize the space, they look nice, too!

Small closet ideas and organization ideas for small closets using inspiration from Ikea. A picture of a dresser with jewelry tray in a small closet.

Small Closet Organization Ideas – DIY on a budget

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1. Stack hanging shelves.

Our closet started out with a hanging rod and shelf on each side. 

Small Closet with clothes very disorganized on both sides.
This space needed some seriously good small closet ideas and organization solutions!.

Step one was moving both rods to one side and stacking them. Instantly, there was room for twice the storage in half the space!

Bedroom Closet Small closet idea # 1: Stacking the hanging clothes gives double the storage space!

My husband’s shirts, suits, and dress pants are on the upper closet rod – which he can reach easily. 

All of my hanging dresses, shirts, pants, and skirts fit nicely underneath with plenty of room for shoe storage on the floor.

2. Add a narrow shelf up high for off season shoes and scarves.

After careful measuring, we realized that there was space to add a shelf to the top of the hanging bars. We put off-season shoes up there that we won’t need for half the year! I’m short (5 foot 2) and can easily reach items from that shelf with our 2-step step stool.

3. Use a small dresser for folded clothes storage.

Small closet idea # 2: If an expensive closet organization system isn’t in your budget, putting a short dresser in your closet provides a great way to get drawer space.

Once we had one entire side of the closet blank, we started planning out more storage solutions. I studied Ikea’s closet organization systems and loved how they have drawers. The small dresser we needed to move from beside the bed was the perfect (free) solution.

What do you hang and what do you fold?

Although many clothes can be stored by hanging, I always like to have drawer storage for clothes, too. What a person hangs and what they fold is definitely a personal choice. However,it is recommended to fold the following clothing items that can stretch when hung:

  • sweaters 
  • t-shirts and sweats
  • and of course, underwear, socks, and pjs…;)

Items that do hang well are:

  • Coats, Suit Jackets, and blazers
  • Blouses
  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Dress pants and capris

4. Add shelves to maximize storage space for small closet organization.

Small closet idea #3: Shelves with basket storage is one of the best quick and easy closet storage organization ideas. DIY to make it budget friendly.

With all the extra space free above the dresser, we added 3 simple shelves with brackets we had purchased previously at Ikea.

How to add shelves to a small closet

  • Measure how wide your closet is and cut a 2 x 10 board to that length.
  • Paint or stain the board. (Ours is painted Simply White by Benjamin Moore in a semi-gloss finish.)
  • Attach 1 bracket at the height you’d like your shelf to be. (If the screws don’t hit a stud in the wall, you’ll need to use drywall anchors like these to make them hold.)
  • Place the shelf on the one bracket and use a level to make sure the shelf is level. Mark where the height of the second bracket should be. Attach it to the wall with drywall screws.
  • Secure the shelf to the bracket by placing a screw through the top of the bracket to the underside of the shelf.

For more instruction on shelf installation, check our fixer upper farmhouse shelves and DIY floating shelves with dowels.

5. Use baskets for off -season clothing storage.

Although off -season clothing could easily be stored folded neatly on the shelves, I think matching baskets make the overall space look less cluttered. (I used chalkboard tags from the Dollar Store to label what’s in each of the baskets.)

6. Make a jewelry station on the dresser top.

Jewelry in trays on top of a dresser in a small closet.
Small closet idea #4: Place jewelry in simple trays and a jewelry tree to make it easy to find. Hooks on the wall make great hangers for necklaces.

I’ve experimented with all kinds of jewelry organization systems, but this one works the best for me. Trays with soft felt on the bottom are perfect to place pairs of earrings and bracelets.

A jewelry tree works well for holding rings and hoop earrings.

7. Hang long necklaces and belts from wall hooks.

Nothing is more frustrating than fighting with tangled necklaces! Simple hooks on the wall can take care of that problem.

A small closet in the side wall of a Master bedroom with the door open.
With the right small closet ideas with organization and storage in mind, it can feel like a spacious and glamourous space!

We are absolutely thrilled with our new organized closet. It functions so well. No more digging around in the morning to find what we need to find!

Next week I’ll be back to tell you all about that beautiful new feature wall color…

Cost and supplies needed for this small closet organization system:

Remember how we wanted to use up supplies we already had on hand? Much of the supplies for this project we already owned, so it was almost free! Here is the price breakdown:

  • Paint: Simply White by Benjamin Moore for the walls and shelves. (We used up some leftover paint from other projects.)
  • 3 – 2x 10 boards for the shelves. We already had enough for 2. We bought wood (with leftover) for the third shelf which cost $14.00 for 8 feet.
  • 6 shelf brackets like these. (We already had them on hand from Ikea.) 
  • 4 wicker baskets- I found them on sale locally for $5 each for a total of $20. Here are some similar ones.

Total Cost: $34

More ideas for small closet organization:

  • Use space saving hanger solutions like these to hang even more clothing in the same space.
  • If you’d rather not make your own shelves, track shelving units are a great solution that can be customized to your closet size.
  • Depending on the type of closet door you have, use behind the door units to hold more items, or even shoes.
  • If your closet is dim and dark, consider LED lighting under shelves to help light the way.

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