Inspired by Stunning Black Accent Walls in Bedrooms

These stunning examples of black accent walls in bedrooms show how color can be both glamorous and cozy – the perfect modern farmhouse boho blend!

We did a master bedroom makeover with boho style a while ago.

As with any room makeover, I began by collecting inspiration and ideas.

One of the things I found myself drawn to was bedrooms with black accent walls.

Accent wall seems to come and go in trends, but I just found that black accents are a trend for 2022! I don’t decorate for the trends, necessarily, but I do find it fascinating to know what they are.

Here are the  inspiration pictures that made me brave enough to try a black accent wall in our bedroom. (And, spoiler alert, we love it!)

black walls in bedroom - inspiration pictures in a collage


Beautiful Examples of Black Accent Walls in Bedrooms

Bring a bold and modern style to your bedroom with a beautiful black accent wall. See how these inspirational black accent wall bedrooms combine a bit of glamorous with relaxed farmhouse boho. Come take a tour with me...

Observations about Bedrooms with Black Walls

As I look through inspiration pictures when planning a room makeover, I like to dig deep and analyze the reasons why I like a certain overall look and feeling. In order for a black wall in a bedroom to feel like home to me, I think it also needs to be paired with the following features:

1. Lots of natural light.

The inspiration pictures I’ve been drawn to all seem to have something in common – a big window with lots of natural light.

Although our bedroom isn’t big, it does have a great window and the best natural light in the house!

2. A large portion of white to balance out the black.

Notice how all the inspiration pictures above have all white walls other than the feature wall? I think that’s why I like them. I tend to be drawn to light and bright spaces, and although the black definitely brings drama, the overall space is still light.

3. White bedding

Along with the white walls, all of the inspiration bedrooms have white bedding. It pops against the dark wall and looks fresh and inviting.

Also, paired with white bedding is often throw blankets and accent pillows in different textured fabric and designs – preventing the overall look from becoming stark and sterile.

4. Wall lamps

I just love the interest that wall lamps above the bed make – and I’m especially drawn to the gold metalic look of some of them.

5. Wood tones

Along with black + white, there is also a lovely mix of wood tones in the space. I think this adds greatly to the cozy factor and makes it feel more relaxed and Modern Farmhouse – not just modern.

6. Greenery

The icing on the cake of these inspiration rooms is the beautiful greenery used for accents. It brings life to the spaces and adds more interest and color.

So, there you have it. Have I convinced you? Would you ever consider a black accent wall in a room?

Believe it or not, we’ve done it before!

You can see one in my husband’s rustic office space and it was once in our dining room, too!

I’m looking forward to testing out a few colors and see what we end up with in our Master Bedroom space.

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  1. It’s fun doing updates and changing colors, etc. I personally wouldn’t care for the black. I like a soothing color for my bedroom. A place to relax. Have fun..

  2. We just finished painting our bedroom in a medium grey. Was considering a darker charcoal for one wall but was afraid it would close the room in and make it look smaller . I do have one wall of windows but keep the shades down most days I am not home as I do not want fading of my flooring, carpets or bedding. My husband is not fond of painting so I know he won’t go back and redo at this point. Wish I had seen this sooner.

    1. Oh, that’s too bad! But, whenever you get in the mood to paint again, you have an idea for next time. I hope you enjoy your newly painted room!

    1. I think it’s a bit funny that I’m drawn to black these days, too. There was a time I thought it was so strange…I guess I’m a little slow to embrace wild, new things!;)

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