Boost a Room’s Wow Factor with a Dark Painted Accent Wall

A painted accent wall can be a simple way to add big impact to a small space.

In the middle of Christmas decorating the other day, I decided to hold off the holly and do some wall painting! (Because, why not?)

I’ve been toying with a painted accent wall in the Dining Room for months, and somehow, Christmas motivated me.

The truth is, it used to have dark feature walls that we loved!

Then, we painted our doors Raccoon Fur (to match our living room couch). With that change, we painted the dark feature walls back to Benjamin Moore’s Simply White again.

I missed it.

The truth is, it didn’t take long to get the paint job done, and the results are dramatic!

Here it was before:

a dining room before a dark painted accent wall was added

And here it is now!

a Dining Room with a dark gray painted accent wall

Tips for Dark Painted Accent Walls

If you are thinking of adding an accent wall to your Dining Room – or any room! – here are a few tips.

Dark Painted Accent Wall in Dining Room - a before & after collage

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A Painted Accent Wall color needs to be tested on the wall it will go on. 

Not only does a room’s light affect how a paint color appears in a room, but the specific place where it goes affects it, too! For instance,  this paint color looks completely different on a paint swatch sitting on the table or the floor than it does up on that wall. 

Before you commit and buy a big can of paint, be sure to try a sample on the exact wall you’re painting.

For more tips on how to choose a paint color you’ll love, click here.

This paint color is a custom color matched by me.;) I mixed the interior door color (Raccoon Fur) with Wrought Iron (the color of our dark bedroom wall) and came up with a color that works perfectly in the space.

I didn’t want it to clash or compete with the door color that you can see (in the kitchen) – and although photographing the space was a challenge, it works great.

Use painters tape for crisp lines in the corners of an accent wall

True confession: I’m a pretty impatient painter and just like to get the job DONE.

But, over time, I’ve learned there are things that you are wise to slow down and do things right…

Putting painters tape up where 2 colors meet makes a much more crisp line, and makes a more professional finished look.

Click here for tips on how to apply painters tape so it works perfectly.

Use good painting supplies and wash them out well after you use them.

I’ve already listed all my favorite painting supplies in this previous post. In it, I explained that the Wooster paint brush (affiliate link) is my all time favorite paintbrush. It still is! As a handless brush with a soft bendable top, it fits comfortably in my hand.

Having a good brush makes cutting in so much easier, and a good roller handle and roller works so nice, too.

Then, once you are finished painting, be sure to wash out your supplies well. If you wash and take care of your painting supplies, they can last for years and years.

Dark painted accent walls will make light décor and accessories pop!

I know there is sometimes fear over painting a bold, dark wall in a room, but I find that when balanced with lots of white, it makes a great feeling space – even in small spaces like ours. Dark walls are also a beautiful backdrop for light colored things (like curtains or bedspreads).

The overall paint color in this space is Simply White by Benjamin Moore. This dark gray/ black color compliments it and our furnishings well.

For more room makeovers featuring paint, you might want to check these out:

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