Painting Supply Checklist ~ What Supplies Do I Need to Paint a Room?

Put together a painting supplies list using these items that are helpful to have when painting a room.

This past weekend, my husband and I decided to paint this bedroom in our townhouse:

As I gathered the supplies together, I realized they were items that I reach for every time I paint a room. I’ve collected them over time, and have found them to be my favorite things.

If you’re looking to paint a room of your own, here’s a checklist of what you will need:

Painting Supplies You will Need to Paint a Room

painting a room supplies

Favorite Painting Supplies Checklist:

  • Paint Tray
  • Paint Roller
  • Paint Roller Handle
  • Paint Roller Handle Extension Rod
  • Paintbrush
  • Cottage cheese container (or any small disposable container)

  • Screwdriver
  • Old Towels for drop cloths
  • Painting apron (cause I don’t like to get paint on my clothes!)
  • Stir Stick
  • Paint can opener
  • Ladder
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Saran Wrap
an old towel used as a painters drop cloth

Old Towels as Drop Clothes

This may seem strange, but I prefer to use old towels rather than drop clothes. Either will work fine, however. The point of them is to cover the flooring material to protect it from paint spatters and spills.


Before I even get the paint out and start brushing, I first remove all the switch covers from the room. It’s done simply by unscrewing the small screw(s) in each plate.

I like to keep them and their matching screws together in one place so I can find all the pieces when it’s time to put them back on.

a small step ladder with a paintbrush sitting on the top beside a small container of paint

Ladder and Cottage Cheese Container

Once the drop cloths (towels) are laid out and the switch plates are off,  I position the ladder at a starting corner.

Rather than try to lug a whole can of paint up and down the ladder to cut in at the ceiling, I pour a small amount of paint into a cottage cheese container. It’s so much easier to handle!

handleless paintbrush and paint tray


After trying many paintbrushes over the years, I landed on this Wooster handle-less brush. It quickly became my favorite and I use it all the time now. It’s easy to grip, and I find I have better control over paint placement as I cut in.

a paintbrush with paint on it wrapped in plastic wrap

Saran Wrap

I like to keep Saran Wrap close at hand when I’m doing a painting project. While I’m waiting for one coat to dry, I wrap my brush in it so it doesn’t dry out. However, I always wash my brush thoroughly after I’m finished painting. Saran Wrap is only a temporary solution. If you keep a brush wrapped in it for days, it will dry out and be ruined!

painting supplies set in a paint roller tray

Paint Tray, Paint Roller, Paint Roller Handle, Stir Stick, and Paint Can opener

All of these supplies can be found at a local hardware or paint store. Stir sticks and paint can openers are often given as a “gift” when a can of paint is purchased. If the salesperson doesn’t automatically throw it in your bag, ask if you can have them ~if, in fact, you need them! I tend to use the same ones over and over again, but if one is misplaced, it’s nice to have back-ups on hand.

A few years ago, we got a more deluxe roller handle from Benjamin Moore (with this promotion). We were thrilled and surprised at how much nicer it is than plastic handles. It rolls much smoother and is more sturdy than the less expensive options.

A roller extension handle is essential for rolling the paint up and down the walls in a long, smooth motion. This time, my husband rolled on the paint after I cut in the edges. He has a favorite handle that is sturdy and just the right length for him. It attaches to the bottom of the roller by screwing it it on the threads.

painters tape

Painter’s Tape

We used just a bit of painter’s tape for this room. A few pieces were needed to cover the metal brackets of the shade in the window. However, if you are painting something more intricate (like this door), it comes in very handy!

Working together, we got the room painted (Simply White, by Benjamin Moore) in just a few hours. We strategically planned for coffee time at Starbucks while waiting for the paint to dry in between coats.

It’s now become a bright and cheery place for my office.

Although I’ve experimented with different blue gray colors (here was this room before), I’ve come to realize that this house just loves white walls.

Without much natural light coming in, the Simply White color brightens up the spaces so much.

And, for the first time since we moved in 2 years ago, I FINALLY have all my decorations up!

Painting Supply List for Painting a Room
Farmhouse Style Office Makeover

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  1. As you mentioned, it is important to have all of your supplies in place and ready before you even start the project. I have been thinking about repainting my bedroom for awhile now, I just haven’t gotten started. I will use this list that you gave for supplies when I finally decide to do it.

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