Beach Cottage {Faux} Picture Frame

To begin the Entryway Gallery Wall of frames, I chose this color palate of latex house paints:

paint colors

Sadly, if you want specific color names, I can’t give them to you.  Other than Panther, the other colors are all mistints.

For my very first signs done with Ashley’s technique, I decided to start easy peasy.

beach cottage {faux} frames with text

This project couldn’t be simpler.  I used the same technique I described yesterday, using white as the base coat.  When the top coat colors were almost dry, I wiped off some of the paint.  Once stained, those areas became the parts that give it the worn and weathered look I love so much.

worn and weathered frames

If you want to make your {faux} frames with permanent pictures, you could probably use Modge Podge to do that.  But, I want the option to switch out the pictures when I want…

So, I stuck them on with scotch tape.

beach cottage {faux} frames

{See, I told you it was really simple!!}

For the Gallery Wall reveal, click here.

For the Light Reflector Arrow Sign Tutorial {and the basic painting technique}, click here.

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