I Heart Fonts {Day 15}

I have a confession to make.  I’m a font nut.  In fact, I have a tremendous obsession fascination of them.  Years ago, I discovered through a scrapbooking magazine that I could download fonts…for FREE!  Life changed for me that day…{tee hee!}

This past week I’ve shown you some painted signs and given the fonts I used.  I wanted to pass on to you two places where I’ve found very helpful information regarding the subject of fonts.

Emily at Jones Design Company (a beautiful blog that I love!) featured this:

favorite fonts

She lists her favourite fonts with links to where you can get them.

Kevin and Amanda’s site also has a selection of amazing free fonts.

free scrapbook fonts

I’m not gonna lie, though.  It took me a while to figure out how to actually get them downloaded and usable!  They come “zipped” and they need to be “extracted” before you can use them.  (That is, by the way, an explanation from a not-very-computer-savvy person!)

If you are interested in downloading fonts for yourself, I suggest you google “how to download fonts” and then type in your operating system (ie. Windows, Mac).  You will find many helpful tutorials.

I eventually found a tutorial and wrote down the steps I need to take to download fonts.  I keep the paper handy at all times, because I always seem to get confused.  I have a Windows Vista system  and this is what my little “cheat sheet” tells me to do…

1.  Pick font.

2.  Click “open”.  A window will pop open containing your font file.

3.  Select “extract all files”.  (Make sure “show extracted files when complete” is clicked)

4.  Click “Extract”

Another window will pop up containing your font file.  Right-click and hit “install”.

Easy peasy!

Happy font-hopping!:)

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