Jersey Knit Bracelet

I discovered a new technique with this craft.  I can’t seem to catch on to knitting, but now this “finger weaving” I quite like!  Perhaps when I’m an old lady, I can sit in my rocking chair and finger weave enough jersey knit chain to make a rug…  For that matter, why wait til I’m an old lady?  I think it would be fun now!Smile

Yesterday, I showed you the jersey knit headband.  Today’s craft is a bracelet.

bracelets 2 ps

Even though it looks like a braid, it isn’t.  It is a special “finger weaving” technique that is so much fun!  You just must try it.  I think it will also be the perfect craft for our younger campers.  The bracelet on the right is woven with 2 fingers, which makes a smaller width than the yellow one, which is woven with 3 fingers.  I did try the 4 finger woven one as well, but my very short pinky finger made it quite difficult.  I think I’ll skip that one…

I’ve also contemplated trying this same method with denim.  The little boys may like that better…

You can find the description of how to make these here.

And, if you’re like me and can’t quite figure that out without cutting off the circulation in your fingers, this video will help:

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  1. Aghh! I love the idea, but I can’t seem to do it without my fingers turning blue! Then I have to peel it off and start all over again!

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