Blogging Advice on my 3rd Blogiversary

Three years ago on this very day, with a pounding heart and shaky fingers, I hit “publish” on my very first blog post.

Twenty three years ago on this very day, I stood in a white dress (and that slightly bizarre white hat)  in my hometown church and said, “I Do” to the man I still love having breakfast with every day. {We’ve already celebrated the occasion big- time with a Spring trip to Maui!}

Isn’t it handy that my Blogiversary and Anniversary are on the same day?

AND, my birthday was yesterday.

Obviously, my mind can only handle so many celebratory dates.  They’re conveniently located at the same time…

It only seems right that on this auspicious occasion, I should share some amazingly inspiring thoughts on what I’ve learned as a blogger.


Oh, dear.

Nothing comes to mind.

However, just yesterday, I was reminded of a hazard of this little blogging hobby of mine.

Perhaps, if you’re a home decor blogger, you, too can identify with me.  “What is it?”, you may ask…

front door to entryway

House. Tours.

It usually starts with a comment like this,

“My Aunt Grezelda is arriving from Timbuktu tomorrow.  She reads your blog and would like to come for a house tour.”

Oh,  dear.

Don’t get me wrong.  I just love having coffee and visiting with new friends.

I do, however, feel I need to post a disclaimer sign on my front door.  It could read something like this:


Especially, in the summer time!!

The fact is, during these crazy busy months of summer, I find myself seldom home.  And, if I am, I’m resting up for whatever sprint is ahead in the schedule.  It’s the time of year that I need to have the freedom to have dirty dishes on the counter, a pile of clean laundry on the dining room table, overflowing garbage cans, and a floor in desperate need of vacuuming.

If you were to walk in my door at this very moment, you would find all of the above.

One of my very favorite things in life is making order out of chaos…

entryway before and after with words

But, just like we can’t live every day of life on a mountain top, sometimes we have to live in chaos…

I’ll warn you, now -It’s chaos time at my house.

Fact is, the pictures appearing on my (and other’s, I’m sure) blog are staged…

with bedruffle

and edited…

music and library room

and photographed in different lighting situations

entryway gallery wall final2

And, most importantly, they are never photographed at the same time.

That’s strategic…

VERY strategic.

Because, if I’m honest, I never have all the rooms of my house clean at the same time.

And this room?

craft room in afternoon

I don’t think it’s looked like this picture since the day I took it!Smile

I’m sharing this little hazard with you today to try to protect you in the event that you may decide to come for your very own real life “House Tour”.  I so want to prevent you from the disappointment of the reality of our real life.

Sometimes, messy!!


On the other hand, the other side of this dilemma is that it’s quite motivating.

I’ve already been warned there’s a “house tour” coming up later this week.  I think I just might drag out that vacuum cleaner~

Perhaps after a big ol’ Sunday snooze!!Smile

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  1. well we all know that we would rather be inspired by after …even tho we can be motivated by the changes before!
    I love looking at pictures of your home, and don’t for a minute care that sometimes its not as perfect as we see here.
    Your home is delightful bright and totally inspiring! Thanks for sharing and happy August long weekend!

  2. Rita! You are amazing, inspiring and very awesome! Happy Anniversary, Birthday and Blogiversary! You have inspired us beyond my imagination and I have been painting up a storm since coming home from camp in July! We need to chat again! Still time to come out and cruise the shops…Cheers and hugs, Jan Scheuerman

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