Rustic Spring Flower Arrangement

Flower arrangements don’t need to be complicated and confusing. Simple containers and blooms can make lovely little rustic flower arrangements that bring a touch of Spring into your home. 

I love looking out the kitchen window and see blooming yellow!  The forsythia bush seemed to bloom overnight and the daffodils are smiling away.  I know they won’t last long, so I decided to bring some inside and enjoy them doubly.

In just a few minutes I had a smiling yellow arrangement sitting on my kitchen table.

It was starting to rain when I ran out with my pruners to clip off some flowers, so I did this arrangement really quick!

I found some jars of random sizes and heights, filled them with water and arranged the flowers sort of “willy nilly”.  I figured that wild flowers should look a little wild!:)

rustic spring flower arrangement

To do this arrangement, the stems were trimmed at varying lengths to provide different heights.  As each stem was placed into the jar, it was done to produce a “criss-cross” pattern in the jar. When the stems are placed this way, new stems can be put in and will hold tightly, as it forms a natural “web”.

rustic Spring flower arrangement |

To hide the labels on the jars, they were placed in an antique sewing machine drawers. Quick, simple, and rustic…

Rustic Spring Flower Arrangement

Other ideas for rustic flower arrangements are:

  • painted mason jars with lace, burlap, and ribbon tied on (See example here)

  • a long narrow wooden box painted to be a tabletop flower box (See example here)

  • tiny antique bottles and jars big enough for just one bloom (Like I put in my kitchen windowsill here)

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Collage of yellow daffodils and purple and yellow pansies arranged in rustic and antique containers like an old sewing machine drawer and antique bottles.

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