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Spring House Tour

Today, I’m ready. If you’d show up on my doorstep right this minute, I’d throw open the door and say, “Come on in!  My house is all ready for you to see!”

The floors have been swept,  clutter put away, dust bunnies sucked up, and even the kitchen rug is washed.

In a perfect world, this is what my house would always look like ~ if it was only used for photography purposes!!  ha!;)

I compare the process of “home-making” to that of collecting a the “perfect” wardrobe.   It doesn’t happen overnight!  There is the searching for your  style, hunting for  items, trying it on, looking for bargains, & analyzing what works and what doesn’t.  It takes time, patience, and sometimes a big dose of hard work!  In the process of curating your pieces over time, so many fun memories are made… {Shopping trips with my sisters are at the top of the list!}


Beach Cottage Kitchen Remodel ~ For Under $200, you can make small changes with huge results! |harbourbreezehome.com
Seaside Kitchen

The same has happened for us in this house.  We’ve worked at it bit by bit, tackling one area at a time.  The process itself is one of the things that has turned this place into “home” for us.

After all, if we had started out with the perfect house, we wouldn’t have found ourselves up late at night ripping cupboards off the wall…

vintage wallpaper on before kitchen | harbourbreezehome.com
{Before/ During}

Beach Cottage Kitchen Makeover ~ for under $200 you can make small changes with huge impact in your kitchen! |harbourbreezehome.com

And, if we hadn’t been limited by a less than $200 budget, we wouldn’t have known that stubborn determination would lead to ideas like fabric cupboard doors, painted European cupboards, and beadboard wallpaper.

Beach Cottage Kitchen Makeover ~ For under $200, see how small changes can have huge impact on a room's overall appearance. | harbourbreezehome.com

Even though 4 years have passed since we did the initial work in the kitchen, we’ve altered very little since then.  It works for us, and we still love it…

Other spaces ~ like the Dining Room turned office ~ have undergone numerous transformations.

Coastal Cottage Office~ Turn your rarely un-used Dining Room into a multi-functioning office space. Use it every day, or turn your "desk" back into a table when once-a-year dinner parties happen! | harbourbreezehome.com
{Office as seen from kitchen doorway}

Although the Dining Room was one of our favorite rooms in the house, we found that we didn’t actually use it much.  It was like the pretty dress hanging in the closet that only gets pulled out once a year.

Dining Room Turned Coastal Cottage Office ~ Turn a rarely used spaced into one that's used every day! | harbourbreezehome.com

Now it gets used almost every day…

{See the transformation here and the adding of the sliding barn door here.}

It’s a bright, happy space that helps me get creative as I work on this little blog…

Spring Office Decor | harbourbreezehome.com


The entryway and I had quite a time understanding each other. Making her pretty and functional was like the annoying process of trying on 25 different shirts and having them all look terrible!

Entryway ~ a simple and functional space | harbourbreezehome.com

After trying 6 different paint colors, some stenciling, striped walls and adding in a painted dresser ~we are finally at peace.

Coastal Cottage Entryway |harbourbreezehome.com


If our house were compared to my wardrobe, the living room would be my favorite pair of jeans ~ comfortable and lived in.

Coastal Cottage Living Room~ Coutry farmhouse meets coastal cottage | harbourbreezehome.com

Those Lazy-boy chairs may not be all the rage in decor magazines, but they sure are the perfect place to rest a weary body at the end of a busy day.  (We may or may not fight over who gets to sit in them…;)

living room before and after | harbourbreezehome.com

It’s where we sit and laugh at Jimmy Fallon at night; where the Christmas tree falls over and leaks into the basement, and where my husband and I share our coffee every morning before going to work.

Spring Coffee Table arrangement | harbourbreezehome.com

It’s where we have friends over and play silly games like jellybean and balderdash…


And, last but not least is our main floor bathroom.  I guess it is, perhaps, one of the more important rooms of the house! It’s a tiny little room that started out with funky harvest gold and avocado green accents…

tiny bathroom before | harbourbreezehome.com

Small, budget-friendly changes had big impact on this much-used space.

tiny bathroom reveal

I didn’t take any recent photos of it, as it still looks much the same as it did when we finished it last year.

Small Bathroom Reveal | harbourbreezehome.com

It’s still as small as it started out, but now it functions well…and is pretty, too!

small bathroom reveal

And now, we’ve come to the end of the tour.  If you want to explore the WHOLE house, go right ahead! But, you’ll just have to excuse the mess.  I can’t seem to get it all cleaned at once!

Here are the links for your further explorations:

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy day to spend a little of it over here at my house.  I so love having you stop by!

Have a great day~

Rita Joy

spring house tour

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  1. Rita–I love your home and it’s beachy vibe. I also love that you have had to work within a tight budget, which is where we usually are, but have injected so much beauty and personality into your spaces.

  2. Refreshing, Rita. That’s how you are, and it’s SO reflected in your home💕. I’m always.happy, IG visiting with.you, thanks.

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