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The Townhouse Tour (Come on In!)

Before I get down to the nitty gritty details of all the painting, organizing, and rearranging that’s been going on around here, I thought it would be best to start with a Townhouse Tour.

Come on in!

Prior to the boxes and furniture arriving on move in day, I took my camera and snapped a few pictures when we first got possession of the house. We walked in the front door to this:

Townhouse Tour

Ahh…a lovely clean slate to start with! (We were so grateful the seller hired Molly Maid to clean the place before we arrived. What a nice gift.) This room is the main hub of the home that works very hard. It’s the Entryway, Living Room, and Dining Room.

This shot ~ taken from the other end of the room ~ shows the front door and entryway closet:

Townhouse Tour

To the left of the hanging chandelier light is an arched doorway that leads to the kitchen:

Townhouse Tour

Since the initial build of this townhouse, someone added new cabinet doors and a nice laminate countertop (along with new flooring).

Townhouse Tour

We’re grateful for that, too.

Off the kitchen is a short hallway that leads to the laundry area:

Townhouse Tour

A teeny tiny powder room is beside it.

Townhouse Tour

The second level of the house holds 3 bedrooms and the main bathroom. While I was taking the above pictures, the carpet cleaner was hard at work up there, so I didn’t go up to take pictures. Then, I totally forgot to do that when he left!

So, here are the pics from the real estate listing:

The bathroom is bigger than any bathroom we’ve ever had. (Love it!!)

Townhouse Tour

Unfortunately, I don’t have any good photographs of the 3 bedrooms, but here is our cute backyard patio (also a Real Estate Photo):

Townhouse Tour

I’ll be back to show you the progress of each room individually. We’ll start with the main room tomorrow. It’s the first One Room Challenge!;)

Townhouse Tour

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  1. I can’t wait to see how you put your mark on this new home! Your other homes always felt so warm, inviting, and beautiful, even from far away. God bless!

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