Make your own DIY Pottery Barn Style Headboard

Make your own DIY Pottery Barn style headboard with frame and upholstery that’s easy to change up when you want a change!

My husband made our bed years ago ~ long before I had a blog, or even knew what a blog was, for that matter!  I remember we plotted and planned and dreamed and sketched.

I had a dream for an upholstered headboard that looked like a picture frame.  I thought it was so clever and original.

Silly, silly me.  Look what I found last year in the Pottery Barn catalogue:

pb headboard 2

{via Pottery Barn}

It’s like they read my mind, or something!  So, for $698 you can hop right on over to PB and get yourself one (bed not included).

Why I love our DIY Pottery Barn Style Headboard

It’s easy to customize to your ever changing design taste!

When we were in the dreaming and scheming stage, we made sure the headboard could be easily removed in the event that I ever wanted to paint it and/or reupholster.   

The main bed frame is built so the headboard is easily removed.

My husband built this bed long before I had a blog, so unfortunately I don’t have pictures of the step by step process.

However, if you or someone you know is handy with power tools, you can probably figure it out lickety- split.

The headboard is attached to two tall side posts.

side of headboard construction

The upholstered part can be easily removed from the headboard frame.

Obviously, the back isn’t the pretty part, but you can see the construction here:

back of headboard

With the removal of a few screws, it comes right off.

headboard unattached

Then with the removal of a few more screws, the upholstered part pops out:

padding out

The frame can be painted or stained to fit whatever colors you have in your bedroom.

I decided to leave the upholstery as it was, but took the frame to my kitchen painting studio and gave it 2 coats of Benjamin Moore’s White Down (the same color as the walls).

painting headboard

It took it from this:

headboard with pillows before

To this:

headboard with pillows after

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  1. Rita,

    I just wanted to let you know that your bedroom is truly stunning!! Even our soon to be 13 year said it was great. He said it reminded him of the small Mom & Pop motels we stayed in when we drove across Canada. Your “new” room is so bright and sunny!! (sorry I found it really funny as he was gushing on and on about how great your room looks now!) Beautiful job, Rita Joy!!

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