Modern Farmhouse Headboards

Looking for headboard ideas that you could use in your own Master Bedroom? These Modern Farmhouse  Boho Style bedrooms will give you great inspiration!

Whenever I’m going through the process of a room makeover (like making over our Boho Master Bedroom), I find myself looking for inspiration for each part of the design.

In bedroom designs, paint is a big part , and we chose to have one of those bedrooms with accent walls. We wanted a really neat headboard up against our dark accent wall, so I headed to the internet for some inspiration. I found some stunning ideas, that fit into the boho modern bedroom style that I was going for.

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of these inspiring spaces, too, and perhaps get some inspiration for an upcoming project in your home. For further details on each space below, click on the link below each picture. At the end of the post, I’ve also included a shopping list of similar headboards that you can purchase online.

Modern Farmhouse Headboard Inspirations

collage with pictures of 4 headboard ideas

1. The Reclaimed Doors Headboard

This stunning headboard done by Beth from Home Stories A-Z utilizes the history and charm of old doors & windows.

{Source: Home Stories A to Z}

2. Black Iron + Window above

I love this simple black iron bed against the pretty blue walls and white trim. Adding styling of an old window above plus typography pillows, and a wicker basket at the end of the bed makes it feel warm and welcoming.

{Source: Our Vintage Nest}

[All the following rooms are designs by Joanna Gaines from the Fixer Upper.]

3. Simple Shiplap Headboard

A headboard made with stained boards resembling Joanna’s beloved shiplap adds a lovely wood & rustic tone for this space. Adding soft textured pillows, and fluttering blooming flowers prevents it from being stark and cold.

The Beachums Bedroom

4. The Iron Statement Bedframe

Isn’t it neat how this bedframe against a plain wall becomes the art piece? I love how the lights balance off the whole space.

A black iron headboard that is tall behind a bed made with white linens

Little Shack on the Prairie

5.The White Wood Fancy Headboard

Another take on the shiplap look, this headboard has a pretty curve at the top giving it a soft look. I love how the room all together looks both rustic and fancy!

A white wooden headboard that has a gentle curve upward in the middle.

Chip & Joanna Gaine’s Master Suite

6. Black metal headboard against a creamy white wall

A black metal headboard set against a creamy white wall.

The Cargo Ship House

7.A Shiplap Accent Wall as the headboard

Shiplap walls are a simple way to add texture and interest to an otherwise bare space. Here is a simple shiplap accent wall tutorial, and some other black accent wall bedrooms.

A dark shiplap wall behind a simple medium toned wood headboard

The Pick a Door House

8. Light gray colored wooden headboard paired with a wood bead light fixture.

The combinations of the grays, woods, whites, and creams makes this space feel so welcome and inviting.

A gray headboard made out of wood planks on a gray bed with white and mustard yellow linens

The Plain Gray Ranch

9. Wooden sleigh bed headboard

The wood tone of this bed looks amazing against a window with white curtains and blue accessories.

A wooden sleigh style headboard set in front of a big window with nightstands on either side

The Chicken House

10. Simple wooden headboard with a feature plant shelf above.

How cool is this unique use of window space? 

A wooden headboard on a bed in front of 3 windows with a long shelf above it with plants on it.

The Giraffe House

11. Upholstered headboard with dark wall

This is our own Master bedroom here at Harbour Breeze turned! We did a fun modern farmhouse boho master bedroom makeover, and used black striped fabric on our own diy pottery barn inspired headboard. We just love how it all came together!

An upholstered headboard with a wood frame around it.

Do any of those rooms give you ideas for freshinging up some spaces in your home? They helped me make a final decision for the direction of the headboard in our room. Next time I’ll show you what ours looks like now!

Shop Modern Farmhouse Boho Headboards online 

Disclosure: The following are affiliate links for your shopping convenience.

I searched for similar headboards to those pictured above. Here is a selection of similar headboards:

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  1. Lots of great doable ideas, so glad you shared these farmhouse bedrooms. We don’t get HGTV, only thing I miss, so seeing glimpses online helps me know what Joanna and Chip are up to. They had recently started their show when we got rid of DISH, will be 4 yrs, this summer since we went without that huge stupid bill for things we never watched. Don’t watch tv as much either.
    Will be painting our master bath and bedroom, hopefully soon, so have been mulling over what colors I want to use. Finally decided on mint green and coral after deciding on aqua and coral, then aqua and dark blue. Bathroom is already a light grayish green so putting mint green over that should be workable. Bedroom hasn’t been painted ever, is vinyl patterned paper on sheet rock. It’s a mfg. home. Luckily the new paints with primer in them cover so nicely. Have painted the living room and part of kitchen so had good experience with painting vinyl paper surface.
    When consulting with guys at Lowes all I got was negative so decided to try it on our own, yippee. No vision those guys, at least not at Grand Junction Lowes.
    Have wonderful weekend.

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