Simple Linen Pillow Tutorial

I remember the very first pillow tutorial I ever saw on tv.  It was done by Sara Richardson for her very first design show series (Room Service).  I remember she made a “simple linen pillow cover”, and I thought it was so clever.  I have searched the web over and never found that tutorial again…but, it inspired me, none-the-less.

You can use any fabric for this pillow cover method, but I must say, this is the first time I’ve made anything out of linen, and I loved it. This particular linen was a purchase {steal} I made at a garage sale in Nebraska… I think it cost me 50 cents.

For the sake of this tutorial, I’m going to use a 13.5 inch pillow form.  However, use the measurement formulas to apply to the particular size of form you are working with.

1.  Measure the length of the circumference of the pillow plus hem lengths for top and bottom.

27 (circumference of pillow) + 2 (for one hem) + 6 (for “flap” hem) = 35 inches

2.  Measure the width of the form and add 1/2 inch for each side seam.

13.5 + 1 = 14.5

3.  Cut a piece of fabric to those dimensions (35 x 14.5).

4.  Hem the bottom hem by folding under 1 inch and ironing.  Then fold again and iron.  Sew.


5.  Fold the other end 3 inches, iron, fold over again, iron, and hem.  Your piece should now look like this:


6.  Fold the “flap” part down a little less than half the length of the pillow back (less than 6.5). Pin.


7.  Fold the bottom part up so that the total length is the measurement of your pillow. (13.5).


8.  Sew up the side seams.  (I like my pillows to fit tightly, so even though I figured for 1/2 inch seams, I sew them at 5/8).

9.  Clip the corners and turn.  Insert pillow form.


10.  Pull the flap over.


You could then decorate the flap part with buttons.  I, however, chose to use the flap in the back with just the plain linen front showing.


{I just came upon this tutorial by Lisa Roy for the same type pillow ~ but she also shows how to add buttons with button holes and french seams!  You might want to check it out for another variation of the same pattern.}

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