How to Paint Striped Walls

Learn the simple technique for how to paint striped walls using painters tape to add interest to a plain hallway.

One of the things I love about blogging is that it gives me incentive to finish projects.  Sometimes I get going so willy nilly in a hundred directions, that I find I have half finished projects all over the place.

This is a throwback post to the entryway hall in our former house.

I wanted to jazz up the space a little without spending a lot of money on it, so I decided to try to learn how to paint striped walls.

It was a fun project! Here’s what it looked like before:

entryway hallway

It was quite narrow, and I wanted to add some fun and interest.

Inspirations for How to Paint Striped Walls

Like all my of decorating projects, I started with researching ways for painting striped walls and found this wonderful tutorial by unskinny boppy.

painting stripes

She gives a wonderful, detailed description of the nitty gritty “how tos”.

I also read this tutorial by Songbird.

songbird stripes

She has a few horror stories of a few things that went terribly wrong…  Which I also found extremely helpful.  It’s nice to know what to be careful of when you’re starting out a brand new technique.

Steps for how to paint stripes on walls

  1. Measure out how wide you want your stripes to be and use painters tape to mark where you’d like them to be.
taped wall

Although a laser level is recommended, I just couldn’t seem to make friends with ours…  So I just used little pencil marks and did the best I could.  The random tape marks indicated the areas I should NOT paint.  That helped a lot.  After a while all those stripes can make you dizzy!

(Here are some tips for how to paint straight lines using painters tape.)

remove tape before paint dries
  1. Paint the stripes and remove the painters tape before the paint is fully dry.

The main wall color was white down (which is the darker color).  I painted the stripes in polar bear white (with a small foam roller), and removed the tape before the paint dried.

painted striped wall

I can’t get over how much life those stripes add to that narrow little space!

painted stripe wall at harbour breeze home

(I should have known how happy they would be.)

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  1. Your wall looks wonderful! I love it! It is so crazy how much we think alike in our decorating. I’ve been putting together a post on horizontal stripe that I put in my back entry hall. Great minds think a like. I love the soft tone of paint you chose.

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  3. how pretty! I love the colors of the stripes. I’m not sure I would have a place for stripes in my home, but you have me thinking. 🙂


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