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I’ve been working away at putting our little Powder Room back together again. (The “after” pictures will be coming… It’s not quite ready for the big ‘ol REVEAL!)

I decided I wanted to do an art project for it. I researched various “Pottery Barn” and vintage signs, and ended up putting a whole bunch of ideas together.

I agonized over what saying to put on it, but ended up using one I discovered in a quaint little gift shop last month. I thought, perhaps, the saying was appropriate in our teeny-tiny bathroom!:)…And I also thought large art may make the illusion of a large room! (Do you think it will work??)

I would love to do a tutorial for you all…but my internet is sadly slow in loading up pictures. So, I’ll give you the edited version:

    1. I stained my 20 x 31 piece of laminated pine plywood with Colonial American stain (a medium-dark one). 
    2. I painted different layers of acrylic paint- creamy white, tan, grey, asphaltum, warm white… I wet a sponge brush and just squirted the paint on and layered them while wet. Don’t be afraid… It’s so fun!! Stop layering when you achieve the “weather-worn” look you like. If you are impatient (like me) use your blow dryer to dry it.


  1. I printed my saying out in my publisher program (using “elephant” font) , and used woodwork tracing paper to transfer it on the wood. (This is when I realized how crazy I was for picking such a long saying!!…)



4. Paint your letters in black. Use good quality art brushes, and thin the paint to an inky consistency.


5. Once finished with all the words, squirt a little white paint on a damp sponge brush and brush lightly over random places to add a bit more weathered look.

6. Spray it with a clear acrylic sealer (I haven’t done this yet, but I will).

And the cost? $0!! I used supplies we already had kicking around!:)

I’m linking up to Tuesday’s Treasures.

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