25 Things : The House Hunting Edition

25 things

  1. Our house hunt is officially on.
  2. We met with our real estate agent for the first time last week.
  3. We love her. She’s funny and experienced and doesn’t try to mess around with our budget.
  4. It is what it is.
  5. We discussed our dreams and desires in terms of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square feet.
  6. She punched it all into her handy dandy computer program that instantly matched our specifications with listings.
  7. Up popped 6.
  8. Did you see the tour of my niece’s house the other day?
  9. Well, think as extremely opposite as humanly possible to that, and those would be the listings.
  10. At this point, we’re finding humor in it all.
  11. We were warned that the housing market here is very HOT.
  12. Like ~ a great time to sell “hot”.
  13. Not a great time to buy “hot”.
  14. I’ve decided that buying a house is sort of like being pregnant.
  15. Everyone who sees me wants to share a horror story ~
  16. Or give unsolicited advice ~ regardless of whether they know what they’re talking about or not.
  17. We’re trying to weed through it all.
  18. Which also makes buying a house feel like gambling…
  19. The other day we went through our first official house tour.
  20. It was a space with amazing potential.
  21. If you could look past the moldy bathrooms, holes in the wall, lack of furnace, & dandelion field of a lawn, and keep your mind functioning through the stench of animals and smoke, and had a ton of extra cash in your pocket to gut the place and start over…it had potential.
  22. But, I think we’ll pass, thank you.
  23. I’ve been laughing myself silly over my “Dream House” Pinterest board.
  24. Oh, Pinterest, how fun it is to dream with you.
  25. But, reality keeps us grounded.
  26. And that little wish list we gave our real estate agent in number 5? We’ve lowered our expectations and the possibilities have opened up a bit wider…
  27. I’ll keep you posted.:)

PS. In the meantime, we’re savoring our time in our “in between” rental house.

family room tour pinterest

You can find the latest rental house room tour here.

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  1. OH boy! We’re getting ready to list our house for sale and then we’ll be in your shoes. The good news is that God knows just exactly what we need and He knows what you need too! He’s got it all planned out perfectly! The hard part is waiting!

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