Rental House Tour ~ The Family Room

The last time I gave you a sneak peek at today’s room, it looked like this:

Family Room Tour

Thank heavens, it doesn’t look that that anymore!!

Family Room Tour

I guess it’s nice to look back and see that although our things still feel a bit chaotic, it’s actually come a long way!

Our basement family room is a well-used space in the house.

Family Room Tour

It’s cool on hot days, and if it’s a little chilly, we just close the door and fire up the fireplace. It is the perfect place for the boys to hang out with their friends and watch movies or play video games.

But, lest you think it’s just a family room, check out the rest of the space…

Family Room Tour

Ta da! Hello, His & Hers Office! I’m typing this post right now on that little blue table, and Irwin’s desk/ table is in the corner.

And see those cupboards on the left of the picture?

Family Room Tour

They are the most lovely craft supply storage area ever! I often wonder if the previous owners had a craft loving member of the family. I’m pretty sure they did… Those cupboards have the perfect mix of pull out shelves, drawers, and large item storage. My sewing machine, paints, stamping things, and scrapbook paper fit perfectly in there. And if I wanted to, I could sit on a stool and work on that lovely counter top.

For those of you who would really like to see the whole basement layout better, I took a shot of where the door to the family room is, too.

Family Room Tour

The other doorway you see in the picture leads to the laundry room and boys’ bathroom.

family room tour pinterest

If we were going to live in this house long term, I’d have tons of ideas for making this space uber neat. But, you know what? For now, it’s perfectly wonderful.:)


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