6 Ways to Add Modern Decor to Your Home

Grab your purses, Girls! We’re going on a field trip, and I’m so excited! We’re headed all the way to Montana, so depending on where you live, you might need to settle in for a long drive. Of course a field trip is supposed to have an educational aspect, so today’s lesson comes from my very own niece’s home. Jessica and her darling little family have recently built it and she has brilliantly & beautifully put it together.

Although – obviously – much younger than me, Jessica and I share a love for all things home decor.

How to add Modern Decor to Your Home

I started squealing from the moment I walked in the door and saw her beautifully arranged decor books. Her books are my kind of books!;) We could talk non-stop for days about blogs and designers and paint colors and lights…

Although my style of decor tends to be more on the traditional side of things, I just loved so many things about the fresh modern vibe of her home. I’ve done a bit of research on elements of modern decor, and her house illustrates them beautifully! Come on in, and I’ll show you around.

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6 Ways to Add Modern Elements to Your Home

Aim for an open and airy floor plan

How to add Modern Decor to Your Home

Think tall ceilings, wide open spaces, and lots of natural light. One of the main components of modern style is that it brings the outdoors in. Although this picture doesn’t show it, on the left side is a HUGE window that brings in the light…and the view outside!

Play up contrasts

How to add Modern Decor to Your Home

Modern style often starts with white walls. Then colors and texture pops from it. The dark grout around this amazing tub emphasizes the pretty shape of the tile and brings out the beauty of that faucet!

Add modern furniture pieces

How to add Modern Decor to Your Home

One of the most obvious ways to add a modern flair to decor is through furniture. You can purchase it new or you can search out flea markets and garage sales for some “originals”!

How to add Modern Decor to Your Home

I just love the mix of new and “original” in this room!  It goes together so well, it’s hard to tell which is which!

Streamline kitchen surfaces

How to add Modern Decor to Your Home

Modern kitchens are characterized by simple clean lines ~ smooth cupboard doors, natural stone counter tops, and efficient functionality.

Make a statement with light fixtures

How to add Modern Decor to Your Home

Interesting shapes, patterns, and materials can take an ordinary light fixture and turn it into a room show-stopper! (This one was located in their little girl’s room and made the neatest reflections on the wall. Isn’t it fun?)

How to add Modern Decor to Your Home

Accessorize with things you love

How to add Modern Decor to Your Home

No matter what style of home you prefer, I think the most important part is to accessorize with things you love. Artwork, plants, pillows, and rugs should all be a reflection of who you are and what you love. Whether it’s an arrangement on the nightstand,

How to add Modern Decor to Your Home

fresh flowers in the living room,

modern decor accessories


or books and nic-nacs on the shelf,

How to add Modern Decor to Your Home

the most important thing is that it makes you feel like you can relax and feel at home!

Are you interested in adding a touch of modern to your home? I recently discovered an online source called the Regency Shop that carries modern furniture and accessories that ships right to your door ~ all over the world! They have neat furniture like this:

egg chair chesterfield sofa ibiza chair

{Egg Chair / Chesterfield Sofa/ Barcelona Chair}

as well as all kinds of other neat accessories and lighting solutions. You can check them out here.

Thank you so much for joining me on today’s field trip. And many, many thanks to Jessica for opening her home to us and introducing me to the beautiful art of modern decor. She is a delightful hostess (and makes the BEST coffee!:))

Modern Decor

PS. Want to see another house tour? This Modern Farmhouse is where I grew up, and was very lovingly put together by Jessica’s mom (my sister-in-law)!

coffee tables ps

*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by the Regency Shop.  All opinions are mine.

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