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Fall Dining Tablescape {with china}

When I was growing up, every big celebratory dinner at our house meant one thing:  opening up the buffet doors and pulling out the china.  Mom had accumulated more than one set, and in fact, had a separate set set aside for each of us daughters.

Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m a “china” kind’a girl. I think Ironstone or Fiesta ware might be more up my alley.

But, sentimental?  Yep, that’s me.


The other day, we were getting our house ready for a special celebration party.  38 guests were expected ~ ranging in age from baby to 96.

Since the weather has been incredibly beautiful and warm, we decided to set up two 4 tables.  One would, obviously, be in the Dining Room  and the others out on our big back deck (that looks out on to the ocean).

I thought it would be fun to have 2 separate themes…the “China Room” and “Dining by the Sea”.

fall tablescape with words

Bringing out the china brought back all kinds of memories…

china with pear

I remember standing in the kitchen when Mom gave me “my set”  years ago.

whole table

She said, “Why in the world should we wait until I die before I give you girls your china?  You might as well  use them now!”

toward buffet

She chose to give me this particular set because it had a teapot. {You can see it there on top of the buffet.}  I love china tea pots.

bouquet of zinnas

The other thing that’s special about this china is that my dad picked it out.  I know.  Strange, isn’t it?  He actually picked it up in Japan for my mom (they weren’t even married yet) when he was in the Navy.


As I picked flowers and lit candles, I thought of the precious memories of celebrations past…

whole table ps

…and how grateful I am for the gift of friends that I can celebrate with now.

{The china pattern is Noritake’s.  It reads ‘Nippon Toki Kaisha’ on the bottom. I  interspersed it with white china – Sea Gull’s  ‘Jian Shiang’ that was a wedding gift.}

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  1. It was all SO BEAUTIFUL last night, Rita! Thank you for hosting! What a fun evening, and the photos are great! 🙂 Did you take any photos of the outside seating area too? I loved the way everything was decorated in both areas!

  2. Isn’t it nice to get a chance to use our china? I don’t feel like I use mine enough. Coincidentally, my china is also from Japan. My grandparents bought it when my grandfather was stationed there.

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