Spring Living Room Reveal

Although I’ve been talking about parts of this for days already, I thought it was time to reveal  our new Spring Living Room!  I thought it was quite ironic that when I finally had it all finished and ready to photograph, there wasn’t even a hint of sunshine in this cloudy day.

Beach Cottage Spring Living Room Decor | harbourbreezehome.com

But, that got me to thinking ~  Isn’t that why we decorate for Spring in the first place?  Adding fresh yellow flowers and Spring accessories help brighten up a space.

beach cottage spring living room decor | harbourbreezehome.com

It’s like waking up to blue sky and sunshine after months of gray cloudy days…

beach cottage spring living room decor

or seeing the first bits of green through the melting snow…

beach cottage spring decor | harbourbreezehome.com


Putting away the heavy layers of winter and freshening up the space helps us to know that coffee times on the deck are right around the corner.

beach cottage spring living room decor | harbourbreezehome.com

If we listen closely, we hear the birds singing their happy Spring songs…  But the biggest sign that Spring is around the corner just arrived at my house yesterday…

coffee table arrangement ps

…a perfect line of teeny tiny ants were marching on my kitchen countertop!

They come to visit once a year~

every year~

in Spring!!:)

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  1. Definitely, looks like spring has sprung in your living room! Good job!
    As for those pesky,tiny ants, try a mixture of Borax laundry booster and peanut butter, 1/2 of each. I make about 1 tbsp. Of each, mix very thoroughly. Then I put small dabs where they seem to come in. It can take a few days to a couple of weeks till they’re totally gone. They take it to their nests and feed the others. So depending on the size of nest how long it will take. I’ve had them not come back for 5 yrs. but sometimes every year or so. If it gets left untouched more than a few days it gets dried out, so reapply.if need be.
    I truly hope you’re not offended by my unsolicited advice. Sometimes I get myself into trouble by trying to be “too helpful”.

  2. I love the pops of yellow! I’m wanting to add some pillows with yellow to my living room. I love your boat painting, too!

  3. Irma, I love your helpful tips!! Keep em’ coming!:) I’m sure other people can benefit from your wise advice, too! I’ve been trying ant drops, but I’d like to give your idea a try. The drops only seem to work for a short time ~ definitely not more than one season!:)

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