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I’m always on the hunt for new ways to style the bookcase in our Living Room.  A few weeks ago, one of my favorite bloggers (Hi, Ashley and Jamin!) posted a great article on shelf styling.  As I scrolled down their post, my eyes landed on this image and I KNEW it was my next inspiration picture.  (Does that make me a copycat??)

bookcase styling inspiration from the handmadehome


I studied and studied that image to see what I could learn from it.  Here’s what I observed:

  • Varying heights make your eyes move back and forth to take it all in.
  • Books are used both vertically and horizontally
  • Small items are added in with larger objects.

But the thing I loved the most?  That shelf of old cameras…

After vacuuming up the dried cedar boughs from Christmas (yikes!), I put together this arrangement, thanks to Ashley and Jamin’s inspiration:

Styling Bookcases | harbourbreezehome.com

I particularly enjoyed putting the old cameras on display.  They are pretty special to us.

styling bookcases | harbourbreezehome.com

If those cameras could only talk, I’m sure they’d have quite the stories to tell.

styling bookcases using old cameras and other sentimental things | harbourbreezehome.com


One was my dad’s and traveled with him during his time in the Navy and the Korean War.  The other one was my father-in-law’s and traveled to Germany with him during a mission’s trip.

I think that’s a very key element in any kind of decor you put in your home.  Use what is meaningful to you.  Put things on display that bring back great memories when you look at them… or things that make you smile.

The color yellow does that for me…

I bet you would have never guessed!;)

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