Spring Office Decor

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been going to Pinterest for my Spring decor inspiration.  It helped me to put together the first splash of Spring on the dresser in my office. As I was waiting for my computer to download a huge amount of files the other day, I decided to get busy sprucing up the rest of the room.

Spring Office Decor at Harbourbreezehome.com

When I’m sitting at my desk, this is the view… (Have I mentioned lately that I’m so glad we changed this Dining Room into an Office?  I love having a reason to spend more time in here!)

Sometimes I like to dream up elaborate new ways to decorate with all kinds of fun things.  This time, I just wanted something simple with a dash of happy color.

Spring Office Decor | harbourbreezehome.com

Three tiny pottery bud vases hold some forsythia blooms from our yard, and I stole the colorful pillows from the Living Room!:)

Spring Office Decor | harbourbreezehome.com

Spring Office Decor | harbourbreezehome.com

The pink pom pom garland joined the paper bunting banner in the window.

Spring Office Decor | harbourbreezehome.com

Simple changes made the room feel a whole lot more like Spring.

And it sure took less time than downloading 22,000 files did!:)

What do you like to decorate for Spring with?

spring office decor


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  1. We have a TON of snow here in New Brunswick , got dumped on again yesterday , BUT , I have some pretty purple tulips blooming on my kitchen table

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