Rental House Tour ~ The Boys’ Bathroom

Last week, I took you downstairs to tour the little laundry room. Today we’re going to keep going past the washer and dryer and into the Boys’ Bathroom.

boys' bathroom tour with words

It’s really a pretty room, and we could all use it, I’m sure…

Boys' Bathroom Tour

But, somehow, it just sorta morphed into the boys’ space.

Boys' Bathroom Tour

It has a lovely, long vanity with tons of storage space underneath. The window on the back wall lets in lots of natural light, and the vanity lights are nice and bright at night.

Boys' Bathroom Tour

Along with all that storage space in the vanity, check out the awesome built in shelves! I think they’re genius…

Boys' Bathroom Tour

There’s even a spot to put a laundry hamper…

Without a ton of thought, I put in a few pictures of colorful boats and went with a very loose “nautical” theme. It seemed a bit sad and bare in there with no pictures!

boys bathroom tour pinterest

And of course, I’m thrilled that we finally figure out how to keep those glass shower doors clean!!



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  1. Rita – your rental house is beautiful and whoever thought of all the little organizational features did a good job. Once again I see your touches throughout the house -beautiful! You have done well to make it “your home”.

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