Dining Room “To Do” List

Yesterday I gave you a little tour of my Dining Room and told you the things I love about it.  Today, I want to show you the changes I’ve been pondering.

If I’ve learned anything over these years of trials and errors in decor and renovating, it is that it’s good to figure out how a room functions before making major changes.  We’ve tried various purposes for this room – including an office – but have decided to stick with the Dining Room thing.  It works.

This closet (on the right), however, is driving me batty!


Although it has two openings, it is just one closet.  It is also the only real closet on the main floor of the house.  So…it has to work mighty hard!  It stores everything from my vacuum cleaner to medications, sewing supplies, and cleaning supplies.


closet after

Somehow, I’d like to (1.)make it more user friendly and maximize the space better.  {And some doors instead of curtains would be a real treat, too!)

**Just a little side note that may give you a giggle…This is what my closet looked like 30 minutes before I took the above picture…

closet before

Phew!  Now that we’ve addressed that embarrassing closet situation, we’ll move on to the rest of the room…

dining room words

Sometimes it takes taking a photo of a room to see something you should have noticed a long time ago…  Like, for instance, a big hole in the wall!!!  tee hee!:)  It used to be some sort of a vent/grate thingy…but, alas, it is gone.  The plastic bags we stuffed in there (4 years ago!) are quite attractive, though…NOT!  So…  (2.)Fix that hole in the wall…somehow.

The paint color isn’t horrific, but now that I’ve finished the kitchen and living room, this color looks a bit “dirty” next to them.  And, although the pictures don’t really show it, this room has always needed another coat of paint.  I ran out of my (mistint/cheap!) paint before I could do a second coat.  The aqua blue color is sort of peaking through in spots.  (3.)Figure out a paint color and paint…

On the subject of paint, I’ll admit I’m having a hard time choosing a color for this room.  I’ll be honest here.  I’m a white trim kind of person.  However, my husband loves this old original trim color.  He asks for so little in the area of decor that I’m very happy to oblige this one request.  However, as I clip up inspiration pictures on Pinterest, I’m noticing they all have white trim!  Oopsys!  I need to do some more searching…

(4.)  Make/purchase lighter-colored drapes ~ A decision that will obviously be tied in with the paint color!

Looking toward entrance

(5)  Restyle…and possibly paint bookcase.

(6) Find a different alternative to coffee cans in the chimney!  (Ha!)

And, finally, the last area of deliberation …

nice legs

My table…

I love it so much (doesn’t she have nice legs??).  However, I hate having to cover it up!  What’s the point of having a beautiful table…and then putting a tablecloth on it??

I tried taking the cloth off…

no cloth

…but then it just seems like there is too much “dark” in there…  And this table is a fussy thing too.  If you set a coffee cup on it, it does this…

steam mark

Uggh….  I don’t have the patience for uber-shiny “fussy” furniture!  So, I’m contemplating…gasp…  (5)  Should I paint the table top???

Don’t worry.  I’ll leave that as one of the last things on the to do list.  That idea slightly terrifies me!

So, there you have it…  Now that I have my “To Do” list, perhaps I should get started…

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  1. You know we have some of the same debates going on in our home… we have settled on white trim ONLY because it is a newer trim and just isn't anything spectacular plus we have LOW ceilings.

    OH your table has gorgeous legs!

    Where does the white door lead? Have you thought of painting some of the furnishings white to lighten the room and tie in the door? I have to admit we have a butcher block topped table which we are allowing to stain/mark naturally so that it has an old world look. I love old worktables from bakeries and such so ….

    All in all it looks like you have some great ideas and I can't wait to see what you do! Hope you have a great week!

  2. GREAT room. love the brick. it IS looking a bit…woody in there though. lol lots of different woods and finishes is a bit distracting. i'm having the same issue in my own dining room! i'm considering painting all my dining chairs but can't decide if i should paint the table too. however, i think i'd leave the table top wood and paint the legs and skirt…is that something you considered? can't wait to see what you do!

  3. What a lovely large space to work with and I love the exposed brick too. My thoughts on your beautiful table. Those legs need to be seen just as they are. Paint the top in a colour that you love then match in the curtain fabric. I've just done my in turquoise and it looks schmick! Can't wait to see what you do.

  4. Thanks for keeping it real, my friend…altho I can't quite relate to how decluttered the actual room is. I understand the closet dilemma (or the lack thereof…), and the painted vs wood decision too. However, I will leave that up to the experts. Empathy is all I have to offer. Oh, and a little bit of jealousy at your decluttered life.

  5. I've never tried this, but mayonnaise is supposed to remove water marks from wood furniture if you wanted to save the wood finish of your table top. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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