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Wreath Redo and Christmas Dining Room

It all started with a wooden birdcage…

and some absolutely gorgeous, aqua and iridescent glass ornaments.

birdcage and ornaments

Both were recent gifts from some dear friends of mine.  (Bless their little hearts!)

I loved them so much, I wanted to give them a place of honour.

I held my breath and carefully tied the {extremely fragile} ornaments in the birdcage so they hung at different lengths.

I searched the house over for a special place for my home for feathered friends {minus a real feathered friend!}.  The Dining Room buffet seemed to be the perfect spot.  But, then I needed something to hang on the wall behind.

Enter this wreath.

wreath before

I bought it years and years ago.  What was once beautiful “life-like” fruit now has faded in the sun to look; well, fake!  I removed all the fruit and greenery to discover this underneath.

remove fake fruit

In our stash of spray paint I discovered “aluminum” color.  It isn’t exactly the shiny silver I was thinking of, but I thought I’d give it a whirl.  I also grabbed the gloss white spray paint and sprayed a few leaves and pine cones.

In the end, it looked like this:

silver wreath after

{When I get to town, I’d love to get some ribbon to add a big, white gauzy bow…}

After some primping and more crafting…here’s the Blingy Birdcage in its new home:

buffet 2

A bowl is filled with some of the odds and ends from the wreath, along with the cute bird that came with the cage.  The fluffy white tree was created out of desperation for something more that was white.  (I’ll tell you how I made it tomorrow.  I’ll give you a hint.  My husband said, “Make sure you leave enough coffee filters for tomorrow morning!”)

tree and bowl

I’ve never decorated at Christmas with this color scheme before.

buffet christmas vignette

It’s kinda fun to do something completely different than what I normally do!


Today is our big grocery shopping day.

A Christmas tree is on the list.Winking smile

{You can see the Silver and White Entryway here and the Twinkly Bookcase here.}

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  1. Rita, your dinning room look beautiful! What a great wreath makeover ~ you’re very creative. I think our homes could easily merge this year as we both are decorating with blue, white, silver and a winter wonderland theme. 🙂

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