Choosing a New Vanity for our Small Bathroom Renovation

Every now and then ~ usually a Saturday or Sunday afternoon ~ the phone will ring.

I can immediately tell based on my husband’s voice who’s on the other end.

There’s few things in life that excite me more…

Whatever I’m doing, I drop it and spring to action.

The first step?  Grab a nice, hot cup of coffee.

The next step? Grab the phone, tromp up the stairs, and settle myself comfortably on my bed.  I am, after all, probably going to be there for at least 2 hours…

It’s my sister’s voice on the other end of the phone line.

And, oh…it’s so much fun!

For that snippet of time the miles that separate us disappear as we catch up on each other’s lives. Our discussions are quite earth shattering, you know ~ ranging from recipes and kids to bad haircuts and the science of vertigo.

And ~ without a doubt ~ somewhere in the course of conversation, we’ll laugh so hard  our stomachs hurt.  (It’s the only exercise I actually enjoy!)

A few conversations ago, I got on the subject of our bathroom renovation.

And specifically, choosing a new vanity for our small bathroom renovation.


Option number one was to re-purpose the existing vanity.

I explained to her that I had dreamed of making it into a thing of beauty.  I carefully contemplated the things I didn’t like (the doors, the handles, the lack of good storage space, and the warped counter top that made water sit in a pool).  Then, I  brainstormed how to creatively fix each problem.

I thought I was onto something.

Brilliant, even.

I thought adding a new, beautiful counter-top was a great idea for our existing small vanity.

So, I headed to a local granite countertop store to ask about end cuts.

I’d head that they were “really cheap”.

Obviously, their idea of cheap and mine wasn’t the same…

Then, I researched options for new doors.

The results made my vanity hopes and dreams go right down the rusty drain.

My “brilliant” refashioning plan of this dear old thing was going to cost nearly $500.00!

“And even if I spent that much on that pretty new counter-top and sink,” I explained to my sister,

“it would probably just look like a saddle on a sow!”

That was it ~

the moment peels of laughter was heard through the telephone line.

Through small gaps in the laughter, my sister managed to sputter out,

“I haven’t….heard….that…saying…in…YEARS!”…

And then we got into a long discussion about crazy sayings our family used to make up.  It made us question how many things were commonly used phrases, or ones that were just heard in our home!  (A quick Google search showed me this one was used by people other than us…)

Needless to say, we ended up going with a vanity Plan B.

Plan B was to purchase a small bathroom vanity during a clearance sale at a big box store.

I love it very much ~ even though it was the cause of an entire wall coming down

new vanity

This particular vanity met all the personal requirements and wish list:

  • Cupboard door storage
  • Drawer storage
  • The proper dimensions
  • Farmhouse Style

It was purchased at Home Depot for less than the “saddle on a sow” option, and is currently perched in our Dining Room.

vanity in dining room

along with most of the rest of our bathroom!!

We’re hoping to relocate it to its proper spot very soon.

**Update: See the finished small bathroom renovation makeover reveal here. 

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  1. Oh my, dear heart, you just made my ENTIRE day!! Hopefully I will not start giggling in the middle of class today as I think about our conversation. Next week is Spring Break for us, so if you are home, we may have to have another epic conversation!!! love you <3

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