Dressing a Window

I don’t like naked windows.


They just seem so cold and stark.  And at night, they turn into giant black squares in the wall.

Green duct tape covering a big crack adds a little something, though.  (tee hee)  I found it hilarious to discover a tiny sticker on that window that says “virtually unbreakable”.  Perhaps they should try their test windows in a teenage boys’ rooms…?


I wasn’t sure what kind of outfit I wanted to dress this window in.  I even put my family through the excruciating exercise of sitting in the car while I perused the fabric store.

Nothing jumped out at me.

For prices like $18.00 a meter, it needs to definitely jump out at me~

and perhaps even do a few tricks!

So, I went with my stand-by that I knew I’d love~

Painter’s drop cloth.  I had some already bought and ready to use.  But this time, I added a stripy fabric to the top part.

side of curtains

It was a curtain panel that I bought at a discount because there was only one.  {I made a pillow with part of it here.}

We ran into a bit of a dilemma when we went to install the curtain rod.  The ceiling is an entire foot higher on one side of the frame than the other!!  Where, oh, where do you put the curtain rod?  We chose to follow the window frame.

curtains finished

It worked out great.

Now it’s all dressed…{And the green duct tape has been replaced with clear packing tape.  Once our warm Spring rolls around,we’ll replace that panel.}

{Curtain rod was purchased at Home Depot.  Levelor ~ $14.97 in a coppery  finish carefully chosen to mimic the old stained boards  because it was the only one left.  I really love it!}

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