Just Put a Rug on It

In a perfect world, today’s post would be all about how I applied the second coat of panther paint on the floor.  It might even include a video tutorial.  Then I would use some fun hardwood floor wax and buff it up into a shiny thing of beauty…

But that’s just not gonna happen.

It was my intent to do all those things.  Then I tried to get out of bed the morning after washing on the first coat of panther paint.

All that bending and brushing and rolling and sanding had finally taken its toll.

Every. muscle. in my body was screaming at me.

I could hardly drag myself down the stairs to reach the Advil!!Smile

Plans quickly changed.

You see, all along, we’ve been planning to put a large rug in the room.  I’ve discovered Home Depot carries 6 x 9 foot bound commercial carpets for $37.00.  Since the room is so small, that just about covers the whole floor.

The purple paint and panther wash treatment had covered the bare, battered floor and cleaned it up a ton.  Now it was apparent that it was time…

rug in

to just put a rug on it!!Winking smile

{**Disclaimer:  If you do decide to paint your floors and put a wash on it, I highly recommend you seal it with either a floor wax or a clear coat sealer.  Otherwise, the paint may wear off quickly.  I still hope to do that someday…}

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