Dream Big. Adjust Accordingly. {the closet project}

One of my goals for this month of projects was to do something about my clothes organization. The  current system was failing miserably, and I needed complete overhaul.  Before I started anything, I headed to my computer for some inspiration and ideas.

Hello, Pinterest

I typed in “closet organization” and up popped a myriad of pictures.

I travelled down a delightfully inspiring road clicking from one idea to another, until I stumbled on this~

The Dream Closet.

dream closet


Well, hello, classy lady with pink stilettos…

closet island top

If I had your closet space, I think I’d feel pretty swishy!;)


I might, however, have some difficulty trying to walk in your shoes…{But the rain boots would be just fine!:)}


I also might have a wee bit of trouble finding an outfit appropriate for cooking in the camp kitchen…

But, those things aside…I am totally in LOVE with your closet!  {See the full article here.}


Those pictures got my mind whirling.  They are quite different from the beach cottage farmhouse look I tend to be drawn to.  But there was just something about that space that spoke to me.

It made me wonder if I could somehow incorporate some of the ideas and  feel that of those inspiration pictures into my own space.  Could I add a little “glam” to my cottage on the beach?  I’ve been trying to give it a whirl.  The next few projects up are totally inspired by the pictures above.

It certainly won’t be a “copycat” project.  You’ve already seen the Dream Closet.

Here’s mine…

my closet


Yep.  Big dreams.  Adjusting accordingly!:)

I’ll be back tomorrow with the first baby steps of this project.

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