The Most Flexible Piece of Furniture in Your Home

In all my forays into simplifying and organizing our home, I’ve grown to appreciate and love one specific type of furniture~

The humble little dresser.

dark dresser ps

No other piece of furniture seems to be as flexible in both design and functionality as this simple wooden box with pull out drawers.  It hides and holds all kinds of things, and offers either a work surface or perching ground for pretty decor ~ whichever you desire of it.

You may have noticed from previous posts that that dresser in our walk in closet holds all kinds of things, except clothes!  In those drawers are hiding my husband’s bike locks, cosmetic bags, travel sized cosmetics, and linens.  At one point in its life it held up our tv and the drawers were full of cds and videos…

This little dresser in our entryway currently holds all the patterns for my wooden signs and other craft related items.

entryway dresser ps

And this dresser in the office is well-used with the middle drawer being the “tool drawer” and the bottom drawer our gift wrapping supplies.  At one point, it was in the kitchen as our telephone and office center.

office dresser ps

Perhaps you’re stumped by a specific organizational challenge.  Maybe, just perhaps, a little humble dresser could be the helping hand you need…

Have a lovely day!

Rita Joy

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