Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin

Welcome back to our fashion over 40 beauty segment!  Today we’re talking skin care.

When I was visiting my hair dresser recently, she commented on the uniqueness of each individual woman.  We’re all so different!  But, one thing is the same.  Each of us have  challenges that we struggle with in the area of beauty.  She commented (while waxing my eyebrows) that while some women groan about how fast their hair grows, others are begging for it to grow more!

The same goes for our skin.  Some have beautiful, smooth peaches and cream skin that looks radiant and alive with only a quick rinse with Dove soap every day.  Others of us (me included) have to work much harder with our skin.

As a teenager, I had problem acne long before Proactive came to the rescue!  I did, however, have a dermatologist who came to my rescue.

Honestly, I can’t even remember who it was, but he taught me some very important fundamental things about taking care of my skin.  Those were impressionable years, and I developed habits then that I still practice today.

I have very, very sensitive skin and have to treat it with lots of gentle love and care. I  also am allergic to many skin care products, so  I always make sure I can try out a product (as in, get a makeover with it), or return it if I react.  Thankfully, my reactions are usually fast and furious, so I can determine quickly if it will work or not.

With that in mind, here are some products that  I’m currently using and loving for my skin-care routine:

face products 2

1.  Each evening I wash my face with a bar of beautiful smelling vanilla soap.  I ran out of my Aveeno, and this seems to work just fine! (Maybe cause it’s from France??)

2.  I moisturize my face before bed with Danielle Laroche’s night time Vitamin C.  I found it in Winners and tried it with some fear and trepidation~ but I had no reaction and love it!

3.  In the morning, I rinse my face, and put on Elizabeth Arden’s calming moisture lotion, followed by the “Good Morning” serum.  Both were purchased at Winners (at a deep discount), and let me tell you, it feels like liquid silk on your skin!

A few years ago I tried desperately to save money on skin care products.  I researched and researched and tried to find cheap things in the drugstore that would work for my skin.  The whole experiment backfired terribly!  Within days, my face looked like an over-ripe tomato with hives!  So, like the hair products I told you about last week, I encourage you to seek out what works best for you in your situation, and stick with what works for you!

Have a beautiful day, you Pretties!

Rita Joy

*Disclaimer:  I have no medical background and have no authority whatsoever in recommending skin care products.  These are just what works for me, and I like them!  I was also not paid in any way, shape, or form to promote these items.

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  1. Rita, I’m a fan of goat’s milk soap. It is non-irritating or drying, and so
    gentle. Great for a facial bar. I can buy it unscented and made locally.

  2. Dear Rita,

    have you found the appropriate replacement for Elizabeth Arden’s calming moisture lotion?
    I am desperately still searching.

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