Stowing Away Travel Gear

The scenario went something like this:

It was time to pack for an upcoming trip, so I’d

1.  Troop on down the stairs into the basement and into the farthest regions to pull a suitcase out of a cobweb infested corner.

2. Trot up 2 flights of stairs to the bedroom and pack all the needed clothes.

3.  Go down one flight of stairs to the entryway dresser and dig out a cosmetic bag (that may be swallowed up by a bit of gift wrapping supplies).

4.  Go into the Dining Room closet and dig through the basket of travel sized items to find what I needed.

5.  Go back upstairs and pack up your make-up and blow dryer.


Now I was ready to race… (Woo Hoo!)

After not all that much thought, I’m happy to report, things are much more simple in the getting ready to travel department! {Hallelujah!}

Here’s the life-changing, step-saving way it got simplified.

1.  The purging and organizing of our clothes left one cupboard in our bedroom totally empty.  Wouldn’t you know it, our bags fit in there just perfectly! {And bonus!  There are no cobwebs!:)}


{And totally aside…That spiffy red suitcase was just given to me by Mr. Claus!!;))

2.  Using a cheap Ikea drawer organizer, all the travel sized items are in the dresser of the walk in closet ~ along with the travel cosmetic bags.

DSC_6082  No more running down the stairs and digging through a basket!


I  used little labels to separate each type of item, which helps me to remember to pack certain items.

Now everything needed for travelling is handy right next to where we pack.  Oh, so much simpler!!

So, here’s today’s question ~ Do you like to travel?  I sure do…

Have a great day,

Rita Joy

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