Linen Storage

In a perfect world, I dream of having linen storage just like this:

linen closet


It would be all be organized in one beautiful cupboard ~ pristinely white and folded just right.  When the doors opened, out would waft the perfect mix of fresh-off- the-clothesline scent mixed with a gentle hint of french vanilla candles.  I would be ready for last minute guests with a pile of pretty fluffy towels and their own little pair of white slippers…

Dream away, my dear, dream away…

Truth is, my linen storage has been a crazy train mess.  In the absence of any one closet or wardrobe to house it in, it’s been moved hither and thither over the years.  I finally pulled it all out simultaneously and gave it a long, hard look.

I was astounded!  Although I don’t have any pictures to prove it, we had accumulated a ridiculous collection of sheets and blankets over the years.  And for some strange reason, I’d been saving it all!  The sheets from the boys’ first “big boy” beds were still there!  (They are now 20 and 22 years old!!).  I sorted and piled.  Out went all the pilly, faded, and mis-matched pieces. And, like the towels, only the needed “good stuff” stayed.

In the absence of a pretty, shabby chic linen cupboard, I decided that the dresser in the walk in closet could fill in instead.

The (now reasonable amount of) sheet sets fit nicely in a few of the drawers.


The upper drawer holds the queen-sized sets, and the bottom, twin.

Extra blankets and pillows were folded and put into the closet in one of the boys’ old rooms.

And, now, even though it’s not quite all in one handy dandy place…

at least I know where the linens are when last minute guests arrive!!:)

So, tell me.  Are you doing a little organizing in your home, too?  If so, how’s it going?? 

Have a splendid day!

Rita Joy

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  1. I’ve gone through the purging of sheets lately, too. I realized I only need one set per bed plus a few extra. By the way—I love your new blog design.

  2. I’m trying to purge in small areas. In January tackled putting 30 years of pics in chronological order, and culling my craft supplies. I just went through my 94 year old mom’s kitchen, as she is moving to assisted living and boy has motivated me even more.
    Good luck in all your organizing and beautifying efforts!!

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