What I Wore Wednesday

Along with the other “simplifying” projects in our home, I’ve been working on simplifying my wardrobe situation, too!  I decided to be more intentional and aware of the outfits I put together, and to invest in clothing that had lots of mix and match potential.

I call it my “Pretty Project” and I’m finding it really fun!:)

It’s been said over and over again that a white button-down shirt should be a staple in any wardrobe.

white button down shirt outfit

I agree that they look awfully nice.  They are also very versatile.  I love this look with a statement necklace and dark blazer:

white shirt with blazer


And this totally different look with a sweater over top:

sweater over top


However, this isn’t my first white-button-down-shirt rodeo and I wasn’t ready to jump in with both feet yet.  I had flashbacks of uncomfortable, gaping and pulling in all the wrong places button down shirts, and I certainly didn’t want to go down that road again!

Thankfully, I had some helpful advice from some online fashionista friends who gave me this advice on buying a button down shirt (for us “curvy” girls…)

  1. Don’t be afraid to size up if you need to, and have it custom tailored if need be.
  2. Wear a light weight shaper camisole underneath to prevent gaping and pulling.
  3. Look for shirts with darts in the bustline.

The advice encouraged me to give the ol’ button down a try again.  I was thrilled to find success at the Gap with their button down boyfriend shirt. (It was 1/2 off on their Black Friday sale!  Woo Hoo!!)

Sometimes I just wear it plain with jeans, or if I want to spiff it up a bit, I wear this:

white shirt tucked in ps

The black puffer vest is from Superstore.

houndstooth ps

and the houndstooth scarf is from Target.

Photo credits go to my oldest son this week.  He was home for Christmas and didn’t even roll his eyes when I asked him to take these for me.  It’s so much easier than setting up the self timer and tripod!!

Have a pretty day!

Rita Joy

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  1. The advice you were given is the key, I guess. The look is timeless…I remember my MIL wearing white button downs with red lipstick and she looked amazing!

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