Fashion Over 40 – The Tunic Top

A few weeks ago I went on a spontaneous shopping trip with a friend. I really wasn’t looking for much specifically, but somehow got caught up in the “try it on” spirit. Lo and behold, I brought home a new outfit that day.

It’s a departure from what I normally look for, but I must say, I really enjoy this outfit and have already worn it lots. It’s dressy- yet a bit casual and cool for warm Summer days.

Fashion over 40 : The Tunic Top at

{Tunic top from Cleo’s and black capris from Ricky’s}

Sometimes the accessories make an outfit even more fun and I was thrilled to finally find 2 that I’ve been searching for for quite a while:

Fashion over 40: The Tunic Top at

  • The perfect purse: I’m a picky purse buyer and never bite until all the criteria are met. It must feel good, be big enough for a book or 2, and have just the right amount of zipper pockets…and of course be really cute and classy!:) Once I find a “perfect” purse, I use it until the poor thing falls apart. It was definitely past time to retire my last one… {This one is a Liz Claiborne found at a crazy weekend clearance sale at JCPenney.}

Fashion over 40: The Tunic Top at


  • Cute wedge sandals: I’ve been searching for a pair of these for a long time! Many options aren’t available in my size (5 1/2), or are just too high for my comfort level. These are comfy and although I hesitated over the fact they are white, a quick Pinterest search informed me that white shoes are cute and acceptable, too!:) (I would normally choose black.) These are BOC, found at Famous Footwear (also on a crazy clearance sale even now.).

What about you? Have you tried on something you normally wouldn’t, only to discover it became one of your favorite things?

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