Fashion Over 40 ~ Spring Pastels

I mentioned last week that I discovered a lovely new fashion blog.  Carrie is having a new series called Create8 Spring.  I thought it sounded like fun, so I decided to play along!  Each week she will give a “theme” and we are supposed to try to find something already in our closets to put together to fit the theme.

The outfits are categorized as Spring transition.

fashion over 40 spring transition outfits

Although the time has changed and days are longer, there is still a chill in the air (and lots of snow on the ground for some of you!).  So what are some outfits that work in this transition time?  Here’s what I came up with for this week.

I discovered I really don’t have many pastels in my wardrobe!  (Hmm….should I change that??)

Outfit one was using a coral shirt that I totally forgot I had.  I thought it would be nice with a white boyfriend sweater…which I don’t even own.  So I put on the only white one I have…

fashion over 40 spring outfit coral and white

{Bleh…}  I wasn’t a real fan of that particular look, so I put on my black one instead…

fashion over 40 spring outfit coral and black

Ahh… so much better. And they go with my sandals better, too! (I know it’s not exactly sandal weather, but…)

The next outfit I found used a pink scarf I have.

fashion over 40 pink scarf

I’m pretty sure I’ve already worn this one this winter, but it keeps me warm and adds a little pop of color.

fashion over 40 pink scarf outfit 2

What do you like to wear when it seems kinda like Spring…and kinda like Winter at the same time?

Have a pretty day!

Rita Joy

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  1. Love all those looks. I wear a lot of sweaters and spring tops usually underneath. Did you ever have your”colors” done? A big thing in the 80’s. If you’re a cool season, a ‘winter’ or a ‘ summer’ your skin has pink tones so you look best in whites, blacks,pinks,fushias, greys,burgundy,tapes,very pale,cool pastels. When your skin has yellow mine, corals,peach, banana yellow, Apple green,turquoise,Browns,creams look best. And you’re a spring or fall then. It’s not about what colors you like it’s about what colors reelect off your facial skin best.And you’ll notice it in photos of yourself. Your skin will look smoother and kind of glow. You’ll look refreshed.and you’ll like those pics best. But if you wear the “wrong” color, you’ll tend to look tired, ruddy or sallow complexion. Theres kind of science behind it. What color you wear reflects off your face. I’ve seen women who were a “cool” season dye their hair real red and it made their skin look green,no kidding. Red haired people are always “fall”. I’m pretty sure you’re a cool season,judging by your pics. The pinks,greys. blue and whites, make you look refreshed and you notice you altogether. When I was looking at the peach coloured tops they stood out more than the rest of you, but it helped you to be wearing a white and black sweater.I really notice it in photos of myself. I used to hate pics of myself but if I look at what color I’m wearing, they were always the wrong color. Now, it’s alot nicer to see photos. I don’t buy any top or dress unless it’s my color. Pants and skirts don’t matter, it’s what you’re wearing next to your face.

  2. Hi Rita,
    Yes, transitioning to spring is wonderful! Like you, I too don’t have a lot of pastels. But I’m trying to “brighten up” my outfits now that it’s March. I have washed my black pants that I wear to work and have put them at the back of my closet until next fall/winter – that’s one intentional step towards spring in my eyes.
    One thing I love that you did above was show the picture of what didn’t work (white sweater)! Too often we only see what works and I do love the coral with the black.
    Looking forward to spring – we now can see some grass in spots here in Ontario 🙂

  3. Love this topic. Spring is definitely in the air. I’m on the hunt for some light summer scarfs and some patterned t’s. Think floral, polka dots, and strips. Probably in a 3/4 length sleeve fore the next month. Even though, it is going to be in the 70’s today here in MN. Yippee.
    I loved the coral with black. You look great and I love your hair. Very cute style.

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