My Healthy (& Pretty!) New Adventures

I hinted a few weeks ago that I was starting off the new year with a new adventure.

It’s high time I explained myself!

Let’s rewind a bit to that time before the New Year when everyone is talking about resolutions and their  “word for the year”.

I wanted to be all hip and organized with carefully calculated goals and dreams, and formulas to make millions.

But, alas, I couldn’t come up with anything profound or wildly amusing.

I did, however, start to think about the beginning of a new year in our new house with our new jobs…

And, decided I wanted to work on a whole new me to go with all this newness swirling around!

planner ps

Setting goals can become a complete waste of time if they are so high and lofty they are completely unatainable. So, I kept that in mind as I pondered. Along with the big, deep ongoing goals (like working on a heart that is kind and not bitter), the others were aimed to be simple:

  1. Develop healthier eating and exercise habits.
  2. Start being more mindful of all products used either personally (like skincare) or for the house (like cleaning products).

I guess you would call it a healthy new adventure.

I know. It sounds boring, doesn’t it?

But, let me tell you, not even a month has gone by and I already feel so much better. (And losing 10 pounds is a bonus, too…)

The second part of my goals led me on a hunt to source a skincare and beauty line that was hypo-allergenic and paraben free. As someone who battles with skin issue, I find it difficult to find products that both look and feel good on my face.

The Younique company was introduced to me a while ago, and I finally decided to try them out by ordering their liquid foundation and brush.

Youniques Liquid Touch Foundation

It rocked. my. world.

After trying many, many kinds of foundation over decades, I’ve landed on one that feels so amazing on my face!

One thing led to another, and I decided to jump in with both feet and start selling the products as well.

younique presenters kit selfie

So, there’s the “pretty” part of my healthy new adventure! I’ve been studying and watching makeup tutorials and learning how to do them myself.

younique 3d lashes selfie

I’ve learned how to put on 3d lash mascara, make smokey eyes, and apply liquid lipstick like a big girl.

younique mascara selfie

It’s so much fun!

I venture to guess that many of you feel like me~ just an ordinary wife & mom who is far from a beauty queen.

But, you know what?

I’ve realized that no matter what our age or occupation or our size…

we all want to feel pretty.

love your lips ps

And, I’m here to tell you ~ you already are. But, no matter how many times I tell you that, only you can make yourself feel pretty.

If you find yourself constantly in a slump and feeling like a frump (been there, done that!), I encourage you to take some steps to educate yourself in pretty things and then do what you need to do to feel as pretty as you already are.

For me, I started reading fashion blogs (like this one) and even took a few fashion challenge courses (like one of these) online. It boosted my confidence so much as I shopped for clothes to fit my body type.

And, now that I have a whole new family of make-up lovers, I’m learning all kinds of things about makeup and skincare.

I figure if I’m working so hard to be healthy on the inside, I want to look as good as possible on the outside, too!

It’s sort of a “reward myself” scenario.;)

If you want to see my hilarious journey of makeup tutorials and videos on “makeup in minutes”, you can find them on my Younique with Rita Joy Facebook page. I would love to have you come join me in my new pretty little adventure.

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