Epic Live Writer Mistake, Old Lady Glasses, and a Burning Question

In my not-so-organized life, I intended to do a post today on lovely Spring inspiration ideas.  You know, something fresh and pretty…a little DIY with a little eye candy mixed in.

That all flew right out the window last night.  At 10:30, in fact.  Yesterday, I announced the mini-series that is starting on Monday.  I’m so excited about it…

selling handmade bright final

This project has been in the works for a few weeks now, and I really wanted to do a good job with it.  I was a teensie weensie nervous while I put it together, since I’ve never done anything like this before.

But, I had so much fun putting all 7 of those posts together.  In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it… 8 hours  worth of minutes, to be exact.

I wanted to make sure I had everything all ready to go, so I waited to make the big announcement until all the posts were written…

They were.

So exciting!!

Last night, I checked my e-mail one more time before heading off to bed.  One of the guest bloggers had a question, so I decided to go to Monday’s scheduled post to check on something.

What I found made my heart stop…

Of the 7 Days of posts…only 1 Day was there!

I just wanted to lay my head on the desk and cry…

But, I had my new “old lady glasses” on. {Otherwise known as “readers” for those of you not yet 40 and don’t quite know what I’m talking about!}

I just got them the day before and paid dearly for them.  I certainly didn’t want to risk scratching them on my desk because of a silly ol’ cry fest!!

I did force myself to go to bed… but, I laid awake until I figured out what I did wrong.

{It has to do with LiveWriter and making sure you open a new post for each post.  I just kept modifying / saving / publishing from one post.  LW only saves the last modification.  In my case, “Day 7” of a 7 day series!}

So, today, I’ve been sitting here at the computer rebuilding my 6 lost posts {while wearing my “old lady glasses”}.  I’m happy to report, they are all finished, and scheduled/ published correctly this time. {At least I’m praying so!}

Now…on to my burning question…. Ladies, how in the thunder do you take pictures of yourselves??  You make it look so easy with the camera slung at shoulder level while looking so suave into a mirror.

I just tried to take a picture so you could see these new glasses I’m referring to.  There was nothing suave about it.   (But please tell me my glasses look shabby chic or I might just cry… )It was hilarious!

Here’s some of my favorites…


Nice tile, don’t you think??  Yep…we need to do another bathroom reno…


Well, that’s lovely.  Tile and our old mirror, with a little electric toothbrush cord for accent…


Oh…peek-a-boo…I finally got in the {corner of} the frame…

So, until I find some better photograph-yourself tips, this is the best I could do today…


I’d love to hear how you all make it look so easy.  And, could you include tips to diminish the double chin, too??   I’d appreciate that!! 😉

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  1. OH my dear I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your posts and I can definitely understand the desire to cry!! Do you know what is crazy? I saw your tile and thought “oh what a cute pattern!” I totally understand not wanting a complete room of it though.! 🙂

    Photo tips: double chin issue…. (this one I can address with great expertise, haha! but it is going to sound really weird but do experiment with the “technique”… it does work and I was told about it from my SIL who used to model in college.) Square your shoulders off and stretch your neck out (like you are trying to sneak out that extra 1/2” of height at the doctor’s office), stretch your head/neck a little bit forward, tilting your chin up just a bit… too much and you see too much of the inside of your nose making it look a like snouttish… (don’t ask me how I know, haha!!) This elongates the neck and eliminates dreaded double chin.

    As far as a good self photo… hmm I really am interested in finding this one out myself! Have a wonderful week and I am so excited about to upcoming series!!

    1. Peggy,

      Thanks for the photography tips. You know I’ll be trying out that out. Your explanation is great, and I especially like the word “snouttish”!:)

      Have a wonderful day…and I hope you find those glasses!:)


  2. Oh I forgot to tell you… I like your “old lady” glasses! I can’t find mine so I’ve been doing a lot of squinting and my reach is increasing! 🙂

  3. Love your glasses Rita … I’m thinking you are lookin’ pretty cool or is it ‘sweet’, well whatever they say today! Maybe I will just stick with my old stand by … your glasses are looking groovy girlfriend!

    Cheryl 🙂

  4. Love your glasses Rita! I faked an eye exam in the 6th grade just so I could have glasses and I apparently faked it pretty good because when my prescription came in, I popped those glasses on my head and couldn’t see a darn thing! The world was a funhouse mirror! To top it off, I had to admit to my mother that I had faked the exam so she wouldn’t make me wear them! Again, I’m so sorry that you had to rewrite all of those posts. One is enough to make me cry let alone 6!

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