How a Luxurious Spa Gift Changed My Life| Podcast Episode 13

Episode 13: Show notes

Today’s podcast topic is gonna take us all to the spa!! So, if you feel like you’re in need of a good relaxing experience with a dose of laughter, stick around for some funny stories and hear about the spa gift experience that was better than therapy for me.

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Have you ever gone to a spa…or created your own at home spa?

Oh friend, I’m pretending you’re sitting beside me right now. This is where we are. Picture it – We’re outside on my little patio deck surrounded by a few blooming flowers, the sky is blue,  sun is shining, and there’s the most delightful breeze – It’s  the perfect temperature ever.

And… you and I  both have our feet stuck in some soapy water in our pedicure dish pans surrounded by lotions, potions, and polishes I’ve collected from our local drugstores! Yes, you heard that right. I decided to write this podcast about spas fully immersed in an at home spa experience right now. I’m dictating my notes into the microphone function of my ipad and hoping my neighbors don’t catch me talking to myself!;)

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Parts of this Podcast Episode on spas

  • The first time I discovered a spa (with my mom!)
  • The luxurious spa treatment that was a gift that changed my life
  • Amazing Canadian spas!

Links mentioned in this podcast about spas

Here are some spas that we absolutely love on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Don’t want to pay for a spa treatment at a spa? That’s ok! Here’s how to give yourself a luxurious diy pedicure at home! You can find some of my favorite spa products here in my Amazon Shop.

Favorite At Home Spa Products

All of these links are Amazon affiliate links.

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  1. I so look forward to your Podcast every week! It is such a delight to hear you share your stories and wonderful sense of humor! Thank you!

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